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avoidingwork wrote in ink_city
[As you may or may not of noticed, Rigby has been missing for quiet some time.  However, when he comes back, he doesn't seem to notice that anything has happened, though he seems to be looking for someone.  If you look hard enough at him, you might notice that his hair is more messed up then usual; it's most likely nothing.]


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[Action] What's the worst that can happen?

[Oh hey.
It HAS been a while since Yakko saw Rigby. Kinda weird, now that he thinks back on it, but it's not like Yakko hasn't been occupied as well. Should keep better tabs on the... what's a good term. "Pseudosib"? Eh, he'll think of one.
If only he had any idea...]

Hi, Rigby! How's it going?

[If only if Yakko heard the screams inside of Rigby's mind.]

Hey, Yakko. Do you know where Mordecai is?

[Action] Er, besides that.

If I had to guess, I'd say...ahhhh... somewhere.

[Hey, it's been a while since he's actually seen Rigby face-to-face. He doesn't notice anything wrong, the raccoon's slightly dishevelled appearance doesn't raise any flags of alarm.]

Looking for someone, Rigby?

Yeah, do you know where Mordecai is?

Not exactly, but I'm guessing he's at the house.. Why, did you do something?

[Hey! RevPut's trying out a new grunge look! The Merc With a Mouth approves! He's going to go congratulate his buddy!]

Rigs! Did you get a haircut? Or, um, I guess a furcut? Do you have hair?

... Do you even know you're a racoon?


[And so he tries to get to the Regular House with that vague answer.]

Okay, cool.

So, where are you going? Can I come? Are we going to do bro-things? Broly-things? Things that bros tend to do?

[Oh hey, it's his favorite raccoon.]

Hey Rigby! Need a brush?

Phoenix! No, I'm fine, I just need to do something right now.

[Walks towards the Regular House.]

[Don't mind him, he's just following.]

Ah, I see. Chores, huh? Let me help you, I'm sure it'll get done a lot faster that way.

[Here, Rigby. Have an unassuming Mordecai playing some vidja games at his house.]

Uh, hey, Mordecai, do you wanna hang out?

[looks up at Rigby, grinning.] Totally, dude! What's up?

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