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[Video] There Is No Title...
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_city

[Private to Yakko Warner]

[Trevor stands in one of the many solid steel hallways in his compound, a door behind him.  The expression on his face is masked, vague. Whatever he has to say, it must be important.]

I have something that might be of interest to you.

[And without any further explanation, Trevor turns off the feed.]

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What you truly want, more than anything.

[Elusiveness, thy name is Goodchild.]

Dinner with Michelle Pfeiffer?

I have no idea of whom you speak, but no.
Remember the forest? It's aftermath? The truths you learned there?

Why remind you when I could reunite you?

Yes. They're here.

I found them in the forest. I've transfered them here in my compound.

Ya gotta let me see 'em! Are they in one piece -- ahhhhh - two pieces? What compound?!

Of course, simply come to the compound with the high walls and decorated balcony. It can't be hard to miss...

[This was way too easy]

That's what they always say....

Okay then - I'll see you in -ahh- hopefully minutes. If it's months, I definitely missed it.

[And he's taking off running.]

[Trevor goes to the ground floor of the compound, waiting, waiting. Soon he would have a great specimen on his hands, a specimen that might be key to the Mayor's power.]

[An unknowing specimen who is running at full toonspeed ahead, wheel'o'feet and all, finally screeching to a halt in front of the compound in order to look around. This seems like the right place..]

[The compound walls open automatically to Trevor standing several feet away. That certainly isn't ominous.]

[Ominous? Noooo, not remotely. Were Yakko thinking clearly at all here, he'd most likely remark on it. Instead of taking a few steps forward, still looking around. Half in curiosity, half in trepidation. The guy didn't exactly answer as to their condition.]

Well? Where are they?

They're restrained for their own safety. Come.

[Trevor motions Yakko to the elevator platform. This can't be good...]

[Good or not, he does as indicated. Congrats, Trevor, you've pretty much got him where you want him.]

What's that supposed to mean?

[If anything, Trevor's a master manipulator. The platform starts going up. To late to turn back, Yakko.]

In their current state they pose a danger to themselves and others.

[It wouldn't even occur to him to want to turn back. Not if there's even a chance that the sibs could be here. Maybe (definitely) it's just wishful thinking, but...]

Gee, think you could be a little more vague?

[Trevor looks down at Yakko with a bored expression on his face.]

It wouldn't cause you much pain to show me some gratitude...

No matter, soon you shall be spared the burden of painful memories...

Too late. I've got enough of those to spare already.

[Sense motive critical failure coupled with some bitterness. What more can I say here.]

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