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[Rigby cautiously walks up to the well; he is carrying an aluminum baseball bat.]

Dude, what happened? Did someone hurt you?

[Another wince, and he sits up. Pulls his hand away from where he'd been clutching where he got shot it hurt; huh. Black stuff there.]

I... have no idea.

[The Doctor's still looking for the TARDIS. It isn't here. Just a bleeding amnesia-victim.]


[Yakko's reaction - look around. As though wondering who is being addressed here.
Actually that's exactly what he's wondering.]

[Well, Ion had heard that transmission yesterday, and tore up the city trying to find him, but to no avail. Oh, but here he is now! Cue running up and hugging]

Yakko! You're alright! I're bleeding?

[She pulls away from the hug, her face stern.]

Who shot you?

[Ow, pain-- Hi, whoever you are.]

I have no idea.

You...don't know. Great.

[She sighs, frustrated. She had heard Trevor, but...]

Hey, what's with the look?

*FLY AWAY FLY AWAY-- woah. He looks down at the inkwell and lands nearby, looking down at the injured Yakko. Toothless whines a little and sits nearby, wanting to go close to him, but the ink around him makes him apprehensive...*

Wait what dsalfhsf is that a dragon.
It is a dragon.

[Oh, this doesn't look good at all..]

Yakko?! What happened, why are you- ..did you die?

[Hey, considering circumstances, that makes the most sense.]

No - I-I'm pretty sure I'm alive.

[Beat. Pause while he notices something, and does a bit of a double take.]

Wait a minute -- are you a gumball machine?

[Maya, being the complete idiot naive soul that she is, sees nothing wrong with Yakko looking like hell. For all she knows this is some game.]

Yakko, you're on the ground.

[Just thought she'd remind him.]

Really? I hadn't noticed.

[At least his sarcasm still works.]

[Megamind was walking past when he saw Yakko. Interesting day to be splattered on the ground...


Oh wait, he's hurt!]


[Freaked out alien? That's reason enough for him. They can scare each other here.]


[Heloise has been attempting to focus on her work for the past long while, as well as secretly keeping a close eye on everyone else's plans, but today she decides to go out for a while...

One thing she didn't expect to see while out was Yakko, looking rather unwell, stumbling around like he's lost.
She had heard the strange audio feed, but simply shrugged it off, figuring he'd be fine. Hell, he was Yakko, he was always fine even when she didn't want him to be. Well, more like ESPECIALLY when she didn't want him to be.

But there he was...
So she has no choice but to approach him]

What happened to you?

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Beats me.

[No quip. No ... nothing.]

[Action] LJ hates me tonight, I haven't been getting notifs

Why are you wandering around like a rabbit that just got run over and lost half it's brain?

late because Trevor planned to be late [Action]

[Now begins the second phase of his plan. Since Yakko leaked that voice clip, any further experimentation or interrogation would be hopeless. The least he could do is study the effects of the Bliss drug (and maybe create an unwitting agent provaceteur.).]

Ah, you're awake, excellent. Do remember anything?

[Oh hey, it's his slightly annoying roommate. In a situation like this, Kiba would usually either walk on or just ask if he's not dying--again, apparently--but he's not moving, and that's just a little bit worrying, mostly because Heloise is on the loose.]


[Kiba's looking down at you.]

Is there a reason you're not getting up?

...Is pain a reason?

[Well, yes, but Kiba sometimes forgets that some people can't take multiple bullets and a stab wound and yet somehow manage to kill someone.]

It doesn't look all that bad. [Yakko, such a wuss.] You got shot, right? If you can get back to Maya's office she'll have something there. [He might need someone else to do it, seeing as he has no opposable thumbs and no medical training.]

Super late. Scanty + Lust = 4 hrs/50 threads.

[ Walking to the ink well, she took out a note book and glared at Yakko. ]

Tsk tsk. I need to make sure Grell isn't killing everyone. I could always punish him...oh well.

Do you recall anything?

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