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[Video || Inkside] She's been gone for awhile now...
insert scream
severalstomachs wrote in ink_city
[I really hope no one wanted to use the office on the inkside. Something has already claimed it as its own.

The feed turns on suddenly like it always does, only for some reason it seems to be, um, how should I say this? Struggling? Yeah that sounds about right, the communicator is struggling to broadcast this video to you. Despite not having any conscience of its own, it really does almost seem like the devise is asking for help. Even something without a brain knows what's about to come next isn't very good.

Once the picture starts to clear up to the best of the communicator's efforts, one could make out the Wright and Co. office room. The, um, the ruins of the office that is. The room is literally covered in a sticky, black, ooze nest that drips from the ceiling, covers the walls, and wraps itself around every piece of furniture it can find. Is this ink? It's so thick it actually looks more like tar.

What's even more bizarre about this mess is that it seems to pulsate similar to the rhythm of a heartbeat. On its own. This stuff is moving on its own--what.

In the center of it all sits the figure of the ink-Maya, huddled on the sofa. Despite being an emotionless creature, she looks absolutely miserable. Could it be she was able to get her emotions back? If so...what a terrible time to get them because it's not that she's just sitting in that mess that is the office, she's fused with it. The black gunk that covers the office is coming from that mass of ink that once was her hair. She's stuck and there's nothing she can do about.

And as if to prove how miserable she is, the girl-shaped creature lets out a painful screech seemingly unprovoked. It sounds so inhuman and unearthly, is this really Maya?

To be honest, I wouldn't want to get involved with this. You shouldn't, either. The feed ends and you can go on with your day now.]

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[You're nothing but keymash fodder, Maya. Oh god.

Why Yakko's responding is a pretty good question. But he is. He's stupid like tha- I mean, something.]

Aahhhhhhh... hi! How's the La Brea Tar Pits?

[Wait, what? Someone's responding? Don't you listen? Shame on you, now you've just annoyed...something. I don't know what, but it's something.

The feed turns back on, but like before it's struggling to keep a clear picture.]

Hm. No, that was a joke. He's not being serious.

[Despite the poor image feed, it's possible to tell that wherever that voice came from, it wasn't coming from Maya. It sounded like her, maybe a bit too mature for her, but still her voice...just not coming from out of her mouth. In fact, the ink-Maya doesn't even seem to notice the feed is on.]

[Since when does Yakko listen?

Speaking of listening, wait a sec. Who - what?

What's going on here? And why isn't he just turning off the feed, why...]

...did you say something?

What does it matter to you?

[The voice seems annoyed.]

Don't you have things to do anyway? Go blow up some buildings or whatever it is that you're doing; I don't care. Just go away.

[Apparently whatever's talking didn't want that video being broadcasted. Mostly because it was worried about this happening.]

Go on. Turn it off.

Yeah, but--

[He's just going to keep talking if you don't cut him off. Do so y/n?]

[It doesn't know how to turn it off. And to be honest, I wouldn't let this thing have what it wants anyway.]

No 'buts'. Go off and play or eat a snack or upload a poorly made video on the internet.

[The mature tone of her voice seems to become less and less that as it becomes more frustrated.]

I'm really busy right now. Seriously.

[Why wouldn't Ren not wanna get involved in this? Besides, he doesn't look so great with the floating eyeballs and boiling skin.

You kidding We're the picture of health!]

Stop crying, it doesn't matter, man.

Woah, no fair. Where'd you get all the paint? You should help a person out and send some of that colorful stuff my way.

Haha, no just kidding. I know you can't.

[Clearly this isn't Maya talking, even if it sounds like her. Her body isn't making an sort of movement to indicate that she's talking...or even paying attention.

Normally the monster would go on about how Ren should probably turn off the video feed by now, but, um he's on the other side of the split. It's pretty positive it can't do anything harmful to it.]

[Nor does Ren care, he's not entirely there himself.]

No, really? Why don't I just call FedEx and send it to the girl from the Grudge?!

...enh, at least I know now my life was a lie, even my name! It's like that robot said before know.

It's okay, everyone's life is a lie. You should follow his example and blow up, too.

You seem less stupid. That's good. But first I need to take care of things. See, me and the ketch up words have had a long talk.

[Don't tell her of our plan to murder everyone yet!]

I'm very happy for you and your words. Actually I'm not, I'm just saying that to be nice but really I'm finding you really stupid right now. I would make a joke that's something along the lines of 'Oh wait, you weren't supposed to hear that last part', but no. You're stupid.

I'm really busy right now, can you make this quick? Okay, ketchup words. Uh huh. And?

[Pff, like he's gonna leave this alone. He recognizes the vague shape of that ink-thing, and it hurt to hear that scream in more ways than one.]

...hey...? Maya... is that you?

[A voice feed! How special, it can totally mess with his head this way. Okay Veser, you get a voice answer back, and it even sounds like Maya!

...but how good are you at telling if it's the real deal or not?]

What? Oh yeah, totally. Don't tell me you're worried.

Well, y'know, screaming's kind of a sign pointing to otherwise.

It was a happy scream.

Didn't sound very happy.

Well clearly you need to get your ears checked!

[This is the picture of horror, Maya. Kiba is just staring at you in utter shock--and although his face might not show it yet, anger.

Mess with him, you get mauled. Mess with his pack, and, well...things that are not so good start to happen.]


[Oh hey Kiba! Hope you can sleep after this. Maya's body doesn't move and she doesn't seem to notice the new video feed, but her disembodied voice will give you an answer. I mean, I assume it's hers. It sounds like her after all.]

Oh hey, nothing to see here. Carry on.

[Nope. No sleeping, just fuming.

Sure, it sounds like Maya, but that statement wasn't very Maya-like at all. Not to mention there's definitely something to see there.]

Nothing to see is probably the farthest thing from the truth. Are you even Maya?

[Darn, he's smart. Oh well, the voice doesn't seem too bothered.]

There's nothing you can do, anyway. You're on the other side.

[Good point.]

Lucky for whatever you are, assuming you're not her. But I do know people on that side.

[It pauses for a second there.]

...You do?

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