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[He's quite fond of those guts and would like to retain ownership of 'em.]

Oh yeah? Don't make me come over there!, really. Don't make me. I'll like it even less than you will.


[Its mood seems to shift.]

Heeey, come on guy. You don't have to do something like that. What about that sandwich I brought up earlier? You should go do that!

Oh sure. Go eat a sandwich while you eat my friend. That about right?


[Sounds right to it.]

Sorry, I'm not hungry.

Well go do something else!! I'm serious!

Okay! You mean like this?

[And... feed clicks off as he darts away.

Is he about to do something stupid beyond all possible reason? You bet. This probably won't go well. At all.

Showing up just outside of there in 3...2...]

NO!! No, no, no, no, no!!

[Whatever this thing is, it certainly isn't happy about this. If it even has eyes, it's watching the door. To be honest, Yakko, it's hella scared of you right now.

But it's not unprepared.]

[You know that saying you're as scared of it as it is of you? That might come close to applying here. Yakko did even make a pitstop to get a few things just in case. And he's not entering yet either, which is to say even he's not quite sure about the wisdom of entering a spiderweb to go after the spider.]

Hi there!


The goop that is...whatever was talking to Yakko wiggles around in frustration. Oh god, let's see if it can talk its way out of this.]

HEY!! So about that deal you made earlier. Turns out I actually really like it!

You sure? Why the change of heart? --so to speak.

[Because it doesn't want to die.]

I'm a reasonable critter. I can only assume you are, too.


[Not really no, but he's all for giving chances. And hey look, he's even going to walk in a step or two. This is just a reasonable discussion, right?

Why yes he is completely insane why do you ask.]

Ooh. Nice decorating. Very Aliens.

Not my choice.

[Enjoy that squishy floor, Yakko. When I said this stuff was everywhere, I meant everywhere. Speaking of everywhere, that also sounds like where the voice is coming from. It's as if the very room itself is talking to you.

In fact, the only place that voice can't possibly be coming from is Maya, who's still huddled on the sofa. She hasn't made any reaction to the Warner entering so far.]

[Ew... that washes off, right?

Man this place is creepy. Then again anything that's made out of-- ahem anyway.]

What a coincidence, it wouldn't be mine either.

You can go now.

[It figures, hey, if Yakko believes it about wanting to take the deal, then he has no other reason to be here...right?

Either way, it sounds annoyed. Continue?]

[Yeah, about that.]

Way ahead of ya. C'mon, Maya.


[That's when it starts to get serious. Out of the goo-covered floor shoot arms. Two long, lanky inky arms that have every intention of grabbing Yakko by the legs.]


[Yakko leaps back like a singed cat. He's got every intention of NOT getting grabbed by those arms. Getting out of range.]

Hey, hey, what's the problem? Live and let live, right?

Live and leave me the hell alone!!

[More arms begin to spring out from the goo. The whole office is covered in this stuff and as such, wherever Yakko goes, there will always be another pair to greet him.

...For some reason, though, these arms are awfully sluggish and seem to act as if they're exhausted. There may be many, but it isn't entirely difficult to avoid them.]

[Less like Aliens, more like Ursula's grotto...

Yakko darts forward, attempting to wind his way through the arms towards Maya. At some point that stops being running at all and looks more like some fast-forward version of hopscotch from trying to duck out of the way of everything.

Like he said, he is going to like this less than the thing.]

I'd love to, really. On both counts.

[Yakko's getting too close to Maya for the ink-thing's liking. It's realizing that the arms are obviously not working.]


[Out of the floor shoots a giant maw, one that isn't unlike the one Maya would use when she was eating the city. Only instead of trees and large pieces of rubble, it has a craving for Yakko.]

[Not close enough for Yakko's liking -safjkdjlhjlHDSF]


[Clearly this was the best idea. Good thing Yakko's agile enough to have at least jumped out of the way when it shot up, and attempts to dart around and close the last little bit between himself and what's left of Maya.

Run in, snag Maya, run back out; that's the plan. Nothin' to it.
That is, run back out really, really fast. ]

[Just like the arms, the mouth is also very slow so when Yakko moved out of the way, it didn't have enough time to turn around and try to snatch him. Instead, it keeps going and crashes into the wall, giving a horrible, ungodly wail.

If there were ever a time to snag Maya, it'd be now.]

[He'll take that chance.

He'll take it, and run with it - literally.

... meaning if she's actually firmly stuck, this might be a problem.]

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