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013 | [Action | Inkside] Come on, get down with the sickness...
regularbird wrote in ink_city
[Hey, Ink City! Guess who's sitting on a park bench, looking pale (well, as pale as you can get in black and white), breathing heavy, and coughing up ink periodically?

It's Mordecai!]

[[OOC: So yeah, he was at ground zero during the quake, but got a bit repaired by the Mayor. Stop gap solution at best, so here comes ink!Mordecai... well, soon.]]

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[Pale, missable. Breathing heavy, a bit odd, not too--

And then there's coughing up ink. That's definitely attention grabbing.

See Yakko. See Yakko where you're probably pretty sure there wasn't one five seconds ago.]

Eugh. You should get that looked at.

...ghhhh. Wha? [Mordi looks up, a bit fatigued, staring straight at Yakko. And a bit through him.] I... did? Earlier, at least. Didn't seem to help...

One of these days, we've gotta invest in a hospital.

Sounds like the best idea I've heard all month. [cough. COUGH. haaack... spit ink.]

[You knows what's great for what you've got?


Why, there's a jade mask of ancient unspeakable power lying not too far from you, Mordo! Why don't you put it on? Could be fun!]

[Considering he can barely move, he's not going to be putting on a mask that clearly won't fit around his beak any time soon. But he will kick at it to get it out of his line of vision.]

Come on, buddy, it's one size fits all!

[... wait, was the mask actually talking to him? Or is he just going crazy? Maybe both?] Yeah, well fuck you.

[Of course it wasn't talking. Masks don't talk. But you know what they do do? Fit comfortably on your face. Why not, eh?]

[Well, Trevor would say something but the ink's grown over his mouth. Oh, and the fact that there's a giant space where his internal organs used to be, but that's not important.]

[You're not... particularly recognizable like that, Trevor, but Mordecai is still pretty scared. He tries to scramble off of the bench, only to fall to the ground, hacking up more ink.]

[How does he signify Trevor? He motions to his face. See? Trevor-shaped.]

[Yes, you are an inky monstrosity, he can see that. But he's also not doing a very good job of crawling away, so... do whatever?]

[Obviously this is getting them nowhere. Trevor needs a way to explain his predicament. He stands, trapped in thought, attempting to find a way to communicate...]

[He spends a good moment struggling to speak...struggling...struggling...]

[...when an image, one image--his face--is born from his mind and is attempting somehow to transmit itself to Mordecai. This may or may not have worked and Mordecai is watching an ink monster straining.]

[Well, you've got his attention, certainly... once Mordecai realizes who he's dealing with he just kinda freezes, wondering exactly what happened to Trevor.]

[That doesn't look too good. Benson approaches.. but carefully.]


Gh... Benson? Is that you? [He cranes his head up a bit, smiling weakly.]

[The weak smile isn't comforting, it's somehow making him worry MORE.]

Yeah- Hey, are you okay? You look really sick.

I feel really sick. Like... kinda just don't feel like I can move anyth- [COUGH COUGH COUGH bluh, ink in the beak. Spit.]

You're coughing up ink! Something is REALLY wrong, we need to do something-!

[Here, have a "no shit" glare. Followed by another slump backwards. And still more ink just idly leaking out the side of his beak, dripping onto the ground in steady drops.]

[He's getting that really sick, heavy feeling in his stomach right now. He's felt it a few times before, where he's totally helpless and forced to WATCH as horrible things happen to the few people he cares about.]

There's got to be something that can help..

[Well, he's not doing any good just standing around here. Benson starts backing up.]

I-I'll be right back..

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