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[Video | Inkside]
Utter shock
blackshadowsins wrote in ink_city
[No matter which side you're on, your communicator lights up. The video starts out jumpy and in bad quality, fitzing regularly like a cheap TV. Besides that it's hard to tell what's on screen, except that it's dark. Lots and lots of dark.

The broadcasting communicator jostles and thumps, and certain people watching may get a "running person with camera," Blair Witch-y kind of vibe right now. If you're watching closely, there might even be a patch of green passed by in a motion blur-- wait, green? On Inkside??

There's a harsh thump then a shot of Bass, holding his communicator at arm's length. For those who saw him last he was looking pretty bad, but now he's even more inky and torn apart. Could almost swear he's been in a fight...

The video continues jumping, going back and forth with static, and between that and Bass's already glitched voice, it's a wonder a message goes through at all.]

People... listen! The forest is... alive! Angry!

[He sounds and looks panicked. That can't be good.]

Itit... [Bass stops sharply at an inhuman growl behind him. Somewhere in the forest a twig breaks.] Beware...!

[Though the picture is already nearly black there's a sudden sense of an immense shadow falling over Bass, with an indescribable noise behind him. He turns and looks off with a hateful glare, the communicator tossed to the ground. We're treated to a view of the trees and the sound of a fight, with the occasional burst of light as Bass fires off some attack.

Then the... whatever he was fighting screeches, and there's a loud, wet whump. Ink splatters across half the screen as Bass lets out a staggered, pained yell. The video feed jumps again as a sudden flare of light fills the screen, and those on Inkside are also treated to the view of a sudden pillar of it shooting up out of the forest. Things fade into a deathly quiet, then a low- pleased? -growl, and Bass's broken voice.]

Go... to... hell...

[It's hard to tell which dissolved into static first, the feed or Bass's voice. Everything goes black and shuts off.]

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[Event Action / Accidental Video | Inkside]

[The following scene of terror you may find had been picked up by Bass' communicator and broadcasted...

Horrific sounds of screeching and growling come from the constantly moving swarm of crawling, attacking green monsters... far more than the few which had previously appeared in the City, and of varying sizes, many of them also much, much larger.

The creatures, though many of the smaller ones taken out by Bass's attacks, still continue to overwhelm him... before finally foiling his final escape attempt, as a horde of them jump and bite him, causing some of the most absolutely horrifying sounds you may ever hear... from both the monsters AND Bass himself.

It's suppertime]

[Event Action / Accidental Video | Inkside]

[Bass had been trying to get out into the open, to a place where he might have stood a chance. He was intermittently flying, taking a few running steps whenever his strength failed him and he fell from the sky, only to launch himself back up.

Unfortunately it was during one of these trips down that he was overwhelmed. As they started to attack him he let off plasma volleys in return, but even for the "Ultimate Navi" they were too great, too many in number, and he too injured.

Bass let out a heartwrenching, gurgling scream as the plants' damage took its toll, the cry seeming to echo still even after he'd dissolved completely into ink and disappeared.]

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