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[Action] Some good news, FINALLY! Open to all, celebration post!
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tyrannical_test wrote in ink_city
[The ground trembles in anticipation. The final shrieks of Audlings can be heard from the forest as they burn, their parent finally destroyed and reduced to a puddle. Paint and ink gushes up from the place where Audrey was once rooted, spewing more and more upward as the earthquake intensifies. A pillar of light shoots up from this conjunction between the two worlds. From the paint side, the light appears to be a pure white; from the ink side, the light glows with a rainbow of color. But the worlds aren't disconnected much longer, the light envelops both sides with blinding intensity; and the ground shakes violently.

A powerful force seems to fill both sides as they unite once again- it can be felt everywhere, as though reality is being viewed clearly for the first time. Something is seeping into the buildings and citizens alike, filling in the spaces that had been left empty for months. The re-connection of the city takes mere moments, but time seemed to slow down for all who experienced it.

The light fades away slowly, revealing the world as it was meant to be. A full spectrum of vibrant colors coincide with each pure darkness and light, creating a clear contrast from one thing to another. Ink City's back to normal, everyone!

Well... not entirely. The destroyed buildings are still in shambles, and certain injured characters might not be completely fixed yet. But the Mayor and PL are setting right to fixing all of that! They don't send any "Congratulations!" messages over the communicators, they simply set right to repairing the buildings, and whoever needs their help that they come across.

It's actually an impressive sight- a pure black and rainbow blob flying over the destruction, touching down on the rubble, and swirling back up into the sky again. Behind the Mayor, lines of ink remain where he passes, filling in with white once he creates a three-dimensional shape. He creates a black-and white skeleton for PL to fill in. The colors spread across the buildings like water, and the freshly-created structure looks just like it did before this whole mess started.]

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Say, who're you, anyway? Never seen you before.

I'm one of the Warner brothers! I'm Yakko!

I'm Wakko!

[Was here the whole time, what are you talking about?]

And I'm Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third!

...Buuut, you can call me Dot~

Friendly bunch, aren'tcha? [big grin at the three of them]

[In an undertone...]
And aren't cuter than me...

But I don't have any candy...

Sounds like we'd better go fish.

What about fortune-telling fish?

[Tigger scratches his head]

I've never heard of a fortune-telling fish before.

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