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[...have you ever heard a squeaky toy try to laugh diabolically?

Because that's about what the noise that comes through the speakers sounds like.]

trevor, is it?


dead dead he'll wish i had popped him like a grape

not dead, nooot dead. he'll live through it.




don't worry little fuzzball

i'll save you from the bad man

but you may not want to watch as i experiment

it is not safe for work.

...37.5 psi

enough to crush your bones

a ball is just a shape you would have to be reconfigured into

you cannot deny that you are fuzzy

and weak

but now is not the time to argue this

there is someone i have to take care of

he will die only after days upon days of begging

he will know that no god exists when none answer his prayers for redemption

just like his kind did to me

You do know that he thinks hes god right?

gods die the slowest

but their deaths are the most delicious

... Your F'ed up, dude.

isn't it beautiful?

this is what humans do

Dude im sure that humans dont live to torture

name one who has spent more than a day with you

...that's not a human, that's a bird.

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