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That's a shame.

What is?


[He... kinda has a look that a combination of disgust and horror at the same time. He really doesn't care about Trevor, it's just the thought of what he might do to people he likes. He looks like he's about to say something for a few moments, but no words come out.]

if you keep your jaw open long enough, you'll attract flies

i did this for you, you know. because he hurt you like i've been hurt.

[... Six knows Caroline OnO]

... N-no.

No nonononononono no don't no no no no not... n-not... her. Not her. Not her not her not her please no no no-


why not? she has lost her soul as well

left like this, this man's soul can return to his body

[Video | Encrypted to Mew]

[Does Bass hack it? Of course he does, he's a Net Navi. This is literally what he does. He observes it all with a carefully neutral expression, at least as much of it as could be seen above the cloak and below the helmet. Which was pretty much just his eyes.]

I don't see why you didn't just kill him.

[Text | Private to Bass]

Because if I killed him, he would come back and have learned nothing.

[Video, pretty much accidental]

[You know what the GREAT part of this City is? It never ceases finding new horrors to randomly show. LKHDFLSHF he might hate Trevor but he'd never wish this on anyone.

This is just...]

i would have thought you would be happy

now he cannot bother you any more

O-oh my, that Huh...I hope no children see this.

[He'd say he's seen worse, but actually he hasn't. Which is a surprise to him seeing as he's seen many a horrific thing in his young life. He frowns.]

Was this necessary?

Are there even any children in this city?

Some are companions of one girl, but they should have known this was coming.

Was cutting him open necessary? I admit not. The paralytic fluids would have sufficed. But I suppose science has left its mark on my mind, as I simply had to treat him like they did me.


DUDE. What the fuck?!

he was a threat to you and others

i saw your little session with him

did you know that he's planning on using it to brainwash people

[[Okay, she can't be certain of that, but it was a FAIRLY SAFE ASSUMPTION, from how Trevor had been acting.]]


...I think I'm going to be sick.

[She winces her eyes shut and hopes against hope what she's just witnessed is some sort of trick.]

it was for your own good

he would have done this to you unless he learned how it felt

and now that it is on file, he cannot deny it either

[ She watches the video and instantly recognizes the text. ]

That was completely unnecessary. Torture and science are not one in the same. There is already ample amounts of research about the effects of paralytic fluid and its effects on the human body. Assuming the subject was human.

You have some misconceptions about science, ones I'm assuming that come from past trauma. I'm also going to assume that you aren't human since your hatred towards them and their science has lethal prejudice and this dimension has its share of non-human occupants.

The pursuit of knowledge can seem cruel. Tests must be done. Sometimes sacrifices are made. But the results of those tests benifit all of those still living. I don't know what you endured, and I won't apologize for the scientists who did them. But I will tell you that not everyone conducts science the same way.

My methods are far more diplomatic and my interests lie in mechanics and quantum physics. If you held abilities that would help with my efforts, I would rather you stay intact and voluntary in your aid than to take the messy route of harming you and trying to steal and use the ability myself. You have nothing to fear from me and I have no intention of harming anyone else here. All I wish to do is learn what I need to learn in order to find a way back to my own dimension. That is all.

you needn't worry, caroline. others have vouched for your credibility and i admit i was high off of a vengance-thrill

you are safe, as long as your words are true

...It may not be science, but that... That is precisely what that bastard deserves. For a while, at least. Let him die at some point, he'll learn. I believe this might be great enough a trauma to impart some sense into that skull of his.

glad to see at least one person agrees

Ugh, everyone's always sending the same sorts of videos. This is getting boring.

Y'got any funny cat stuff?

[YYYEAAAH No. You can't just casually show that to a lawyer.]

This is abhorrent. Stop the torture of this man right now.

can't. already gone.

[... Oh.
Well this brings back... memories.

Heloise just stares wordlessly for a long moment, as a flashback of a certain incident from about a year ago repeats in her head.

"See? The City isn't like Miseryville.
There's such a thing as karma here.
But you probably figured that out already~"

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[Wait... who is she talking to?

"Your willpower is gone, isn't it?
After everything, and now this, I'm sure you don't see a reason anymore. There's nothing left here.
I know you think so. I know you all too well~"


[There's no one else there in her lab but her.
Who is she yelling at...?]

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Sorry, rephrasing! [Video]

[...Shiro could barely hold in the sheer disgust on her face. Never, never, never had she seen something this...this revolting back home...

Well, Shiro's just going to dart away from the Video for a moment, a faint sound of gagging could be heard from a distance. If it were closer, the sound would be much more clear as to what was going on; vomiting.

Two of the mons come over, taking in the sight themselves. Swanna looks ready to follow in her trainers footsteps at the moment, and appears to be shooing away the others...but Druddigon seems fine. He might even be impressed!]

Well, that's certainly one way yeh can stick it to the man!

this is what happened to me in kanto

for those that wish such experiments, let them experience how it feels

[[For the Swanna and the Druddigon, at least, it should be fairly clear who is talking despite the anonymous filter.]]

[Mads is a bit... uncertain in her reaction. The video's a little shaky.]

Oh... dear. This... is too much. Science is a tool. Like any tool, it can be used to help or to harm. It helped me into being. Clearly, it has harmed you.

[the edges of a hand mirror are visible-Mads is the camera.]

Please do not harm Caroline. She has no interest in using science for harm. You only further what seems to have been done to you. Let it die... and let him die.

So I have learned. This man harmed others like I have been harmed, so I felt he needed to be stopped.

I am being told that Caroline is not that type of scientist, and openly admit that I threatened her when I was still a touch... unhinged.

I am better now, she is in no harm.

[The video of a gargoyle is clear. The audio is certainly not. The audio is understandable, but totally unrecognizable to any who have heard Demona. She wears a disgusted look, but one that is for the human, not for what Mew is doing.]

This can be the fate of any human, all they do is destroy, so let them all come to this fate. If they won't stay dead, let this be their end.

[The wonders of being a robot.]

Aborted cat fetus? What are you doing?...Achoo!

[FUCKING MACHINES. Why are there so many of them in the city?]

settling a vendetta

i am certain "heroes" will come around to put him out of his misery, but hopefully he will learn better than to start experimenting on the folks here again

[All the accidental video ever]

[Wat. Wat is that. Wat is that on the scr-

Wait...Is that the Fish-Guy? Who did she's not-quite-sure-what to Yakko?]


[....Nice understatement.]

...i am sorry, dot.

this was meant to protect people from what happened to your brother, and to send out a message to others who might contemplate such acts

you should not have had to see this

[Audio] ...The temptation to let HER see this was too much, sorry.

[There's a girlish giggling on the other end, a little too innocently for the apparent young girl on the other end...]

Eheheh~ What a shame. He would've made a wonderful meal if you didn't fill him up with that weird liquid.

What did that red stuff say, though? I can't read. [She's definitely interested...]

[Anon text] i think i love you~

"ophanin-erabutoxin 70-30"

i am certain by now that others will come and put him out of his misery

when he revives, you may have at him

[It takes a while for Benson to reply after he sees this. He knew about Trevor, and he probably deserved this.

But what he saw on the video wasn't a mad scientist. He was seeing Mordecai. A year-old repressed memory rushed back, recreating everything in a vivid blur. The revulsion, horror, helpless, hopeless panic hit him more viciously than ever before. A cold chill and twist of disgust sank into his chest, combining into a heavy wave of nausea.

An hour and one filled gumbarf-trashcan later, he finally responds. While screaming had once been his preferred method of facing his problems.. his voice is failing him now. It's weak, cracking.]

No one deserves this..

[By the time an hour or so has passed, Mew has long left the compound, has started to gain lucidity again.]'re right.

but it doesn't change the fact that it happens

i did this out of vengance

but the ones who did it to me did it because they wanted to learn

about my children

whom they had enslaved

i am not evil, but lessons need to be taught

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