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In that dream, I'm dancing right beside you [VIDEO]
Awaiting orders
robocreep wrote in ink_city
[Starscream was beyond livid. He'd taken all that time searching out the well, stepping out into broad daylight, and gathering that ink. And what is his payoff?'s ink. While most would see this as obvious, Starscream is less than pleased.]

" But that defies my entire theory!"

Well, it was ink. Soundwave had attempted to relay as much but... well, Starscream was Starscream. And the whole thing had been a huge waste of time. Now, granted, they wouldn't have known it was a huge waste of time unless they actually WENT and wasted their time... But the fact of the matter still stood that his commanding officer had previously seen fit to insinuate that he was an idiot AND he jammed his face in a handful of the stuff.

So Soundwave was somewhat less then understanding right now. If anything, the 'Con was slightly amused, head cocked, shoulders relaxed.

"--Defies my--theory!" [He called it, you remember.]

"I'm not DEAF, Soundwave! I assure you my audio output is working just fine. And I can hear my own thoughts, thank you very much."

[His optics narrow at the Con, slightly peeved that Soundwave is silently gloating about all this. And it shows it in his wings, as they shiver once again, only this time in anger. Not only was he frustrated that the ink was a red herring, but Soundwave's little bragging tone wasn't helping.

Soundwave would be gloating a lot less if he hadn't been so offended before. Starscream's intensified glare was replied to with a dip of his head, shoulders gently rising a touch. Someone was far too amused by this for his own damn good. No, he wasn't going to stop mocking Starscream. He'd promised not to let you live it down, Starscream.

"Don't give me that. I want you to delete our test data immediately! No one shall know this took place. And stop giving me that smug look!"

[You know, the one where Soundwave raises his shoulders and lowers his head. That one.]

[Yeah everyone knows that look. Everyone named Starscream. To anyone else though, it might appear like the jet is screaming about nothing.
The reply was the test data scrolling lazily across the screen. No way. He's saving this. This is his forever. Proof and evidence as to why you don't grab him.

--test data--
--personal gain for our CAUSE--
[You know. For future reference.]

[For a split second, Starscream thought about striking Soundwave. However, his common sense kicked in and he kept his arm right where it belonged. No, he did not want to piss this guy off EVER. He just groans and turns his head to the side in a small pout.]

[Yep. That's what he thought. He was going to keep pushing it too, enjoying this victory far too much after the preivious invasion of his personal space and insult to his intelligence. There was a gentle ping... and the radar was up and going again. No, still has that data. He's gonna go scan for Megatron now, have fun sulking in here, Screamy.]

[That was more than annoying. Mainly because he's been hearing it on loop for eons. And much like the song that never ends...well it gets on your nerves.]

"Soundwave! Get back here! I'm not through with you yet! Your pointless scanning for Lord Megatron can wait."

[[ooc:Anyone who tags will be answered by either Starscream or Soundwave! Starscream doesn't know the feed is going... Soundwave... well that's a secret~]]

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[Trevor will never leave anyone alone, ever.]

I take it you're researching the properties of the ink?

[Oh, sorry you had to see that Trevor. Starscream turns immediately towards the feed, darting a glare back at Soundwave. WHY DID YOU LEAVE THAT ON? Yes, it's your fault because you're supposed to be the Decepticon tech geek. No time for that though, he's got a human to demoralize.]

Your voice...I've heard you somewhere before.

[You've seen him before too! Soundwave remembers this guy. In an instant, there's a recording being pulled right the hell up]

--You companion would be preferable--

[Soundwave's head pulls back slightly, turning just a little away from the communicator. No he isn't fond of Trevor after that conversation. Can we blow him up instead?]

[Of course you had a recording of him, seems everyone does nowadays. Doesn't him bother him, he's out for a bit of quid pro quo.]

Like your friend said, we might have met before.

But that doesn't matter. You research, however...

[Speaking from scientist to scientist, Starscream is going to listen. However, whether or not he trusts your opinion is a completely different matter.

I mean you DID try to talk him into pawning his closest comrade.]

Go on.


Soundwave backed off from the conversation, actually going as far as to turn his back on the feed and move off-screen. Even to anyone who was new to Soundwave would at least be able to tell the 'Con was hardly interested in being a part of this particular exchange.

No, he wasn't concerned. He just did not like Trevor.

[It's okay, Soundwave, you were always the kid to him. Trevor's interested in making grown-up conversation like science.]

Yes, I believe I have some evidence that the ink monsters can be engineered to resemble some of our residents.


[He reaches behind him and gently grabs Soundwave's shoulder, much different than the previous one. This time he really needs you, Sounders!]

Soundwave, would you care to show our guest about the special properties of this ink?

[i.e. there is none. This information could be useful, in the fact that it completely destroys Trevor's theory, or so he thinks.]

[What? No. Goddamnit noooo.

Begrudgingly, Soundwave turns around again, the visor flickering on obediently as the collected data scrolls across the screen. The gathered chemical make up of the ink collected from the well was......

Ink. regular old ink, mixed with paint.

There you go. Can he go now? He allowed the data to scroll for just long enough, before shutting the data off and looking expectantly at Starscream.

[Nope, doesn't bother Trevor at all. You ready to have your minds blown? Cause Trevor's about to crush your dreams.]

Explain, then, why every being's blood is made of ink. Before our entrance some possessed blood cells. We entered and now we bleed ink. Clearly someone must have tampered with us.

Believe me, human, I am just as bewildered at this as you are.

My new theory is that our lifeblood changes into ink when it is exposed to the open air.

[Not a bad theory, in hindsight.]

Who could tamper with beings such as I or Soundwave? Certainly not fleshlings like you.

You may resume your post, Soundwave. I know how much disdain you have for those who vaguely resemble Micropterus salmoides.

[Yeah, super. Soundwave offered up no comment to either question or theory, utterly set on simply removing himself from an unpleasant situation like he usually did.

At last given the go ahead to leave, Starscream would at least get the hint of vague amusement from the spy, his head turning for a brief moment to look at Starscream appreciatively before contentedly moving off frame.

Ha ha Trevor

[The fish, why must you people always call him a fish?! Trevor is not impressed, neither is he with your theory.]

Your theory is too generalizing. You must consider the different species, genus, states of matter and being. And you assume their blood will react the same way?

You'll need to do more testing.

[Oh Primus you irritate him. He's one step closer to joining Soundwave in the silent parade.]

Testing? Hardly. What with that blasted Optimus Prime running around.

[Soundwave, why you no let him kill him?]

[Because Soundwave is the king of no-fun land, that's why. And you are it's queen, Starscream.

From off-screen comes a soft ping in response to that. Starscream at least would get a wonderful visual of Prime's exact location. That's right he's still listening to this and we don't want to go messing with Prime now, do we?

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