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[And just a few seconds after queue, Wild Yakko Appears! Yakko tunes in.]

This doesn't have anything to do with frogs, does it?

Hmm since this neither involves legs, or croaking no...

[He rubs at his chin then looks at Yakko a bit seriously.]

It does involve 'cawing' though...

A frog cawing? That's a new one.

No but, crows do...coryoctoliox's do too I think...though it's hard to tell.


[You've officially lost him. He knows this topic, really, just not from this angle.]

Heh. Sorry, just something I picked up from someone who stayed with me briefly.

[That's cool, it was a bit mean of Crmsn but he had to see just how much Yakko knew about that talk.]

Yakko, about Halloween. What were you dressed up as?

A crow? Who knows, maybe it's a raven after all. It's -aahhhhh- really unclear.

Heh, stark raven mad, huh? [He chuckled and sat back on his couch and looked at the communicator.] Ooh I know, what if it was an Az.

In that case, sounds like someone handed you a cheat sheet.

Heh, from the bird himself no less. He slipped me a few answers while the teachers back was turned. Though it took a bit of prying. He gave me his name at least.

Azrune. I did you know to dress up like him, Yakko?

[Think you missed an E in there.]

Another cheat sheet.

[Like Crmsn knows how it's spelled. Just lookit his own name!! Lucky he didn't lose all the vowels.]

Hmm, I see, I guess teacher's going to have to send you to the principals office for cheatin' then.


Only if the teacher figures out how.

Are you sure you want teacher to do that? You may not like the trip over.

Depends on the teacher.

[Derailing, derailing forever.]

Ooh I know the teacher, they're pretty rough. The trip's a fast one though. Would you care to meet the teacher?

Aahhhhh.. if you put it that way, I think I'll pass.

Mmm I see, it's sad that there's not much choice in the matter, and we still have to discuss those frogs, young man.

[All the smugness]

Or, you can tell me more about this cheat sheet. Your choice.

[He just HAD to say something about frogs. Dang it!]

Well, they're small, green, and sing about rainbows...

Ooh wonderful. Option A it is.

[Welcome to the shadow express Yakko, current occupants? You! You know you're the third person in Ink City who's had a trip through the shadows. You should be proud! It starts like an elevator, a bit of a jolt and he's sinking into the floor slowly, sinking into his own shadow that is. Meanwhile Crmsn is grinning at him over the communicator.]

I'll see you in my office, young man.

[Not that scary right Yakko? It's just got a nice hold on you, fluid but not, solid, but not, seeing as your sinking into it, you'd think you'd be able to move better, it even feels cold and almost wet.]

[Yakko observes this starting, and calmly remarks upon his predicament by screeching and trying to bolt.

Yup, calm as ever.]

[Nope, it continues to drag him down, pulling at him, until it's up to his waist, then his neck. Don't blink Yakko cause you'll miss it if you do. Once he's in the darkness it's all too fast, blink of an eye nothing, a sharp jarring motion then the stretch in every direction like he's being pulled apart and sucked into himself all at once. Two pairs of red eyes in that void turn on him and there's a hellish glimmer of serrated pearly whites as the...whatever it is watches Yakko zoom by. Then he's in a chair, a plush comfortable red chair sitting in front of a desk in what looks like a rather grandiose study. Crmsn's personal study to be exact. As for Crmsn? He's sitting behind the desk in front of Yakko, smiling cheerfully over a pair of square frames, no glass inside of them, just the frames.]

Welcome to my parlor. Waste basket is on your left, I hear it's quite a harsh trip.

[There's not enough time to react, but Yakko's eyes physically cannot get wider if they intend to remain attached to his face. The most terrifying thing he's seen since... not!Maya's den, and he'd happily managed to forget all about that until brought back into a dark place with things in it.

There's roller coasters, and then there's just plain nightmare fuel. And once he's there, he's not quite the most steady on his feet. At all.]

Woah... I haven't seen something that weird since the last Disney acid sequence...

Heheh, trust me, it could have been worse, I could have walked you here.

[He grins and tents his fingers and takes the glasses off to look at Yakko, then raising his eyebrows.]

Az thought it was quite thrilling. Squid too. I told you it was a harsh ride though.

Yeah, thanks for the warning.

[He'll probably be fine next trip though.]

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