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[...Hang on, that kind went over his head there.]


If you insist, but it's not gonna help.

[Points to these things. In this case, they're below the narrative. There. See?]

[He stares at Yakko, then at where he's pointing...then back at Yakko and raises an eyebrow.]

Yakko...there's nothing there.

No, not there. Look THERE.

[He reaches down i- hey what are you doing stop that

I...just...Guh buh...WHAT?!

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What was that?! What are those!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

The answer to your question, brackets, and it isn't.

[No nope...give him a minute here, he's gotta gather his head. That was..yeah...that was different.]

So see voices, consciences...that kinda just...see it, and read it.

Only somtimes? I don't...How is it you can do that? How is that possible? WHY is it possible?

...That...wait so if I looked for them. I could see them too?

[I have no idea. Usually you'll only see 'em if directly addressed. I think.]

You saw 'em then, didn't you?

...I...yeah... that him then?

[Az yer a crafty son of a bi-]



[Oops...oh dear...I think we may have broken him this time.]

Ahhhh... right. Well, it's been fun. I think I might have somewhere else to be now...

[Yakko don't you dare walk out on this. Stop slowly backing up. Even if it is a completely valid reaction.]

[Crmsn you really shouldn't be laughing so mu-oh there we go problem solved. He keeps laughing a while longer but that ends rather abruptly as laughing turns to coughing, coughing turns to half doubling over the desk as just lets loose. Well tried to warn ya Crmsn, I really did.]

Oh bite me you...Sh-stupi-[Ooh pretty coughing sounds here. Only not pretty. Also didn't mean for him to hear that. Ignore this man behind the curtain.]

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