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-Shadow #5- Private Video to Yakko
theytookmypants wrote in ink_city
[Crmsn's been thinking about a discussion he had back at the beginning of November with a certain individual who shall aptly be named, "Paws". It wasn't until a recent talk with a certain Museum Curator, that it was brought up fresh in his mind. He'd put it off longer if only just to prolong having to go back and talk to anyone else about it, of course he could also conveniently forget. That was also always a good idea. Damn his own curiosity on the matter though.

He really hoped the Warner would be willing to answer the questions he had.]

Soooo...Yakko. Sorry to bother ya, but when you have a chance, can I talk to you about something?

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[...Hang on, that kind went over his head there.]


If you insist, but it's not gonna help.

[Points to these things. In this case, they're below the narrative. There. See?]

[He stares at Yakko, then at where he's pointing...then back at Yakko and raises an eyebrow.]

Yakko...there's nothing there.

No, not there. Look THERE.

[He reaches down i- hey what are you doing stop that

I...just...Guh buh...WHAT?!

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What was that?! What are those!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

The answer to your question, brackets, and it isn't.

[No nope...give him a minute here, he's gotta gather his head. That was..yeah...that was different.]

So see voices, consciences...that kinda just...see it, and read it.

Only somtimes? I don't...How is it you can do that? How is that possible? WHY is it possible?

...That...wait so if I looked for them. I could see them too?

[I have no idea. Usually you'll only see 'em if directly addressed. I think.]

You saw 'em then, didn't you?

...I...yeah... that him then?

[Az yer a crafty son of a bi-]



[Oops...oh dear...I think we may have broken him this time.]

Ahhhh... right. Well, it's been fun. I think I might have somewhere else to be now...

[Yakko don't you dare walk out on this. Stop slowly backing up. Even if it is a completely valid reaction.]

[Crmsn you really shouldn't be laughing so mu-oh there we go problem solved. He keeps laughing a while longer but that ends rather abruptly as laughing turns to coughing, coughing turns to half doubling over the desk as just lets loose. Well tried to warn ya Crmsn, I really did.]

Oh bite me you...Sh-stupi-[Ooh pretty coughing sounds here. Only not pretty. Also didn't mean for him to hear that. Ignore this man behind the curtain.]

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