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1st Command // Megatron // Action
robonecromancer wrote in ink_city
[There is a terrible quaking throughout the well area. Oh my, it's a big'un. Ink erupts forth, in a violent and explosive fashion. And from the ink, a terrible silver giant emerges. He stands, taking a moment before bellowing.]

I LIVE!!!!!!

[His shout echoes throughout the dark night, causing the very clouds themselves to tremble. He laughs a moment, Stretching out his arms. Ah, how long had it been since he was able to do so? Alright, enough with the pleasantries. There are more pressing matters at hand.]

Now then, where am I...?

[He surveys his surroundings, trying to pinpoint his location. How could he end up in what appeared to be the middle of a human city? Is this another hallucination? Could this all be fabricated? No, he dismissed that as unlikely. Why would his subconscious put him among humans? With a fierce scowl, Megatron sets out to explore the area.]

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[Megatron weaves in vain to avoid the blast, taking it in the shoulder. He growls in pain, as he continues his momentum, throwing a punch at Optimus' side. After the blow is delivered, his fist becomes a blaster of his own.]

Any last words, Prime?

[While Optimus had full intentions to fight till the end, his earpieces turn as he formulates a new strategy. Very well. If Megatron was to see this for himself, it might as well be he who demonstrates.]

You would do well to heed my warning, Megatron.

[His blades retract, making a sudden move to go after him.]

[Megatron pays no attention to the words of his hated enemy, backs up and points the blaster at Prime's face.]


[Megatron fires into Prime at will.]

[Exactly as planned. While Optimus was never a fan of dying (who is?), he knew he could simply respawn, and that if he had tried, he could have continued fighting. But no, this was the only way his old rival would learn. He takes the shot to the face, his large body falling to the floor, shaking everything around him.

No sooner had it hit, it started to dissolve into an inky black substance. Congrats, Megatron! You did it!]

[Bee was trying to get Aisling far enough away that he could leave her safe enough to get back to the fight when he heard the shot.

...No, no that couldn't be.

Rushing back to the figures silhouetted against Aisling's mist, he arrived just in time to see Optimus's form dissolve into inky goo.




[She wasn't going without a fuss, trying to keep clear of Bee's hands and protesting the entire time, when the thunderous sound of a shot broke the air.

She stopped cold, clasping Bee as he ran back to where the figures stood, eyes wide as the familiar shape of Optimus fell, reduced to nothing but ink.

... Op...


[A heartbroken, keening wail, the child clinging to Bumblebee in panic and distraught misery]

[And Megatron's heart grew three sizes that day, so overjoyed with the death of his hated enemy Optimus Prime.]

Yes! Now nothing shall stand in the way of my grand conquest! I will control this, and every other world! ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON!

[And then Megatron trailed off, noticed the dessolving of the body. Um. what. He's seen more than enough cybertronians die by his hand that he knows that's not what's supposed to happen.

Hopefully this isn't just a delusion within his mind, because otherwise Prime will simply re-appear in a few moments.]

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[Bee's vocoder is strained to its limits as he rushes at Megatron, both guns out, ignoring the pain from his injured arm.]

[Don't get your bees in a buzz just yet, Bee. The Ink Fountain rumbles, first starting off with a few bubbles, and then a few more...

Soon it's a cauldron, almost foaming as it looks like it's about to boil over. A large (possibly familiar) hand shoots out from the ink, slamming into the edge of the well, pressing down to hoist itself up. As the creature starts to come out, it becomes bigger and bigger and...

Oh, hello Optimus Prime. His eyes are glowing pure blue, and the ink dripping off him gives quite a startling effect. One would say he's not in his right state of mind, but alas, he is perfectly aware of everything that is going on. He pulls himself out of the well, standing before Megatron, brandishing his blades.]

You cannot kill me, Megatron. I pray that you understand this and cease this fighting, before I demonstrate this on you.

[And he starts to approach Megatron. I hope you're ready for a funky fresh new Prime, Megs, cause he's rarin' to go.]

[The rage boils full circle, and puts Megatron into an eerie, calm state. He raises his fist to strike Prime, sighs, and shoves him aside. Is he actually depressed?]

Just get out of here Prime, while I remain in the mood to spare you.

[And with that, he turns his back on the red metal giant.]


...Bee skids to a halt, guns still aimed at Megatron, even as he glances confusedly back and forth between the two of them.

...Oh. Oh, yeah the Sign.



[Yeah she's... kind of all... whu...

huh what




Fuck it.

If that big metal giant wasn't doing anything, she was going to take advantage. Better catch her Bee, it looks like she's getting ready to jump off. SHE HAS PRIORITIES. PRIORITY ONE: OPTIMUS

[Optimus steps out of the way for Megatron to walk past. He wasn't as bloodthirsty as the Decepticon leader. He can sense his disappointment, however, and decides to add his salt to the wound.]

...Megatron. Next time, I will not hold my fire. For that was the only reason you were able to kill me.

[He sees Aisling and Bee looking at him, giving a smile.]

Do not worry, I planned it.

[Bee didn't bother catching Aisling, he was mainly waiting for Megatron to leave.


Because as soon as he's out of hearing range Bee's going to tacklehug Optimus, no your Primeliness does NOT get you out of this, that was SCARY!]

[Megatron looks back to Optimus. Emotion absent from his face.]

Prime. If you utter one more word, I will force you to watch that little fleshbag die over and over again, as long as this well shall keep us living. As it stands the only reason I do not is because I have deemed it a waste of my time, regardless of how endlessly entertaining it is littering the ground with your corpse.

[Megatron is not angry here. He's simply telling what is, in his mind's eye, the cold truth of it. Whether he likes it or not.]

Now, if you and your fan club are quite done, I have some intel to gather.

[Optimus watches Megatron walk off, keeping his guard up just in case the Con decided to change his mind. His silence was obvious, as he would never put Bee or Aisling into danger on his own accord.

Hopefully this would stop his ceaseless fighting for awhile.]

[Stare. Staaaare. Staaaaare after Megatron.


Okay, turning and tackling OP for a hug]



[FUCK THAT GUY ANYWAY. Flesh bag indeed. She barely even registered the threat, swiftly clambering up Optimus's body as Bee ran to him for a hug, clinging desperately to the ear piece.

.... Hope you like crying, Optimus, because it's happening, unintelligible words in Gaelic and English filling the air.


Oh wait no okay now she's punching you. Not as hard as she can but you'll still probably feel this.

Stupid! You're s-stupid! Stupid!

[Don't take it personally, the hiccups and sobs breaking up the words make it pretty clear she doesn't mean it.]

[Optimus lets the girl punch his face, his optics softening at her cries. Bumblebee's embrace doesn't help either, as he puts his arms around the scout to support him. He hadn't considered their feelings on the matter, but wanted them to be safe from Megatron's wrath.

Clink. Clink. Clink.]

Miss Aisling...I am deeply sorry...And to you too, Bumblebee. I only did what I thought would protect you.

[His hug doesn't last all THAT long, he's a big bot, really.

But he sticks close to Optimus and nods at his words]


[Can we avoid that in the future?]

[She tires herself out soon enough, going back to clinging to the ear piece again and crying softly.

She knows... she knows. She might not fully understand it, but...

Don't... ever. Not ever again.

I never want to see him again...

[YEAH THAT BIG GUY. There is NO WAY he's the same thing you are. HE IS CLEARLY A MONSTER. Not a Cybertronian nope]

[Optimus can hear her soft cries and holds his hand out for her. If she gets on, he holds her close to his spark, the heat radiating from it warmly.]

I do not intend to make that mistake ever again. I apologize to the both of you.

[Bee nods again and reaches out to pat Aisling. It was horrible and he wished he'd never have to see it again...

But at least Optimus was still here, and he had promised. Optimus KEPT his promises.]

[She isn't gonna say no. She climbs onto his hand, still stifling sobs as he brings her close to his spark, where she simply rests her head.

.... Yes. The important thing was that he wasn't gone. As frightening and as heart wrenching it as it had been, he wasn't gone.

The pat is comforting though, and after a time, the sobbing finally stops, replaced simply by the occasional sniffle and hiccup.

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