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[accidental video]
pyromania_twin wrote in ink_city
[This particular night, Jetfire finds himself sitting alone on a rooftop, curled into a little ball of worry, rocking back and forth a little. The look on his face betrays everything, though partially hidden behind his knees. Every so often, there is a soft whimper and a shudder from the jetling.]

[All at once, he ducks his face completely behind his arms, crossed over his knees, and lets out a sharp sound like a sob.]

[Just before the feed ends, the young one miserably utters one word: "Brother"]

[Someone is missing his twin dearly.]

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Hey you there. With the face.

Guess what. Guess who's feeling better.

If you guessed it was the same blue and yellow mech that was lanfing on that rooftop, and was moving in to cling on you?

You'd be right!]

[Honestly, he doesn't care what's going on with anything right now so long as he has bruvver with him. That landing startles him out of his little ball with a flinch and he looks up, optics wide and bright, and it's only a split second before he's up and running for his twin.]


[You get CLUNG to, Jetstorm. He'd only just found you again before he lost you and even though they could feel each other through their bond, it still hurt.]

Brother, where are you being all these times?! I am searching and not finding and you are saying weird things and brother what is going on? Please, be telling me!

[Jetstorm just clings right back to his twin, face pressed in against his shoulder.]

I am being most sorry, brother... I was not being okie for dokie, and Mister Optimus Prime Sir was having to keep me so I was not running away, but now I am being better and am not thinking the many wrong things, and it is all being okie for dokie now!

[He can't help the nearly overwhelming relief that floods his end of the link at simply having his twin near again, where he can see him and hear him and know he is alright and guard him again like any good brother should. Arms around the blue jetling tighten their grip firmly, but not painfully, face buried against the curve of his twin's shoulder and neck.]

You are having the unhappiness, brother... I was feeling it. When are you not telling me these things? I am only wanting for helping you.

[Shivershiver, brother.]

[The blue mech just hugs his twin tightly, trying to offer some comfort to his agitated twin.]

I am not meaning to be worrying you, brother... you are remembering the stupid things I was saying before yes? About thinking I was being a badness Decepticon? Well... that is what Mister Optimus Prime Sir and Mister Skyfire Sir were fixing... I am being okay now.

[Jetfire nods, still clinging tight. Vise grip, brother. It is on you now and you are not getting rid of it.]

You are not being badness Decepticon, brother. Is what am I telling you! You are being my brother and no brother I am having is being Decepticon!

[Here, the jetling pulls back a little, just enough to look at his twin, hold on his shoulders not let up in the least.] You are staying here, brother. You are staying and I am watching out for you. [That is not a request!]

[Jetstorm is totally okay with that, and will let Jetfire cling to him all he wants. It's been a year that he was here without his twin, so just simply having him around again is amazing to the young mech.]

Okie for dokie, brother... this is being the true thing.

[For him, the time spent alone hasn't been nearly so long, but neither has he had any adjustment period. It could have been a few days or a few centuries and he would have been just as miserable. He can't compare it, not by a long shot, but twins shouldn't be separated no matter what.]

[He nods and brings his twin in close again, just hugging on him and curling around him and oh so happy to have him near. There hasn't been much in the way of explanations, not yet, but he'll let it slide for now. For now, there are cuddles to be had.]

[Hey, you know what this tender, heartwarming scene needs? Someone to ruin it. Completely. A pink smoke bursts out of nowhere as a familiar voice echoes.]

What a touching moment...

[And just like that? Jetstorm is going from cuddly to CRANKY in about the time it takes for Him to say that,up on his feet like he can defend his bruvver. And yes, cannons are out. Bratling means business.]

Be going away!

[Wait, what is - And now brother... If brother is pointing guns, feeling on the offensive, Jetfire's own hackles are going to be raised, but he's... hesitant about it this time.]

What is thing you are wanting?

I just wanted to congratulate you on your heartfelt reunion~

Too bad it won't last long~


You will be staying away from us, or I will be making you most sorry!

XD I think they both do

[... You are not approved of, sir. Therefore, cannons of JKGSJDJJKSFJDSFIA BURN YOU, BETCH.]

He is being for much serious.

[Poofs off right by the duo.]

You were? I could never tell~

[Yeeah. Have a faceful of ridiculous hurricane force winds, Him.

Jetstorm is not putting up with you. NOPE. GO THE HELL AWAY.


Is because maybe you are being dumbface!

[Have FIRE!]

[FFFFFFU, THIS WASN'T THE BLOWN HE HAD IN MIND. The demon whirls through the air. And FIRE on top of this?! Fire, meet fire! The demon blows a horrid flame to counter the autobot's flame.]

[And Jetstorm feeds his winds into his brother's flames to make one mother of a tornado comin for you, Him.]

Be making with the tracks!

[Aww, why you gotta be like that? Don't you know he's more or less immune to fire things? He surrounds himself with an inferno on a non-regular, mood-induced basis! If you yourself are, then they might have problems, but that's what jet thrusters and fists are for.]

[Oh man, that's just...

Shortly after the feed cuts off, Saft decides to go have a fly around In dragon form of course. the city. Even if she had been feeling crummy and homesick as of late she was still going to be there for her friends in their time of need and seeing as the little autobot needed some company of some kind she decides to make herself as of use.]</small>

...Jetfire? You around here? It's me Saft, remember? We spoke the other day.

[He hasn't been paying enough attention to the world around him beyond listening for the sounds of jet thrusters to care about much else, but the voice calling his name, after a moment, will cause the young one to look up, unhappy as all get out.]


[He curls in on himself a little more, watching for her, but after a moment he buries his face against his folded arms again.]

(OOC: Kiwi said she doesn't mind if you wanna join the thread with the twins up above. Saft can pile on the snuggles! o3o)



[Uh no, she knows that look and it's one she's propped herself up into many a time.]

Is everything okay? You can talk about it with me if you want.

[OOC: Ugh, I went out after I replied and missed out on so much @_@ I'd feel bad if I cut in now when you've carried on anyway, I'm happy just to keep posting here if that's alright? orz]

[While he'd never met Jetfire in person, he had put the pieces together that he and Jetstorm were related. And now the lost twin needed his brother back. Thankfully he had checked his trailer, only to find it open. There was no way the tiny sparkling had found a way out--he had to be released.

He was hoping it was Skyfire. He saw the little one's soft cry and his eyes soften.

"Jetfire. I am sorry to have kept you separated for so long."

[It's a moment or two before he realizes his name has been called, as he'd been staring off into space at nothing, really. But he had kept his communicator with him since his brother had been gone, hoping that somewhere, somehow, his twin would call out to him like he had been calling out.]

[The voice that calls his name, however, is not that of his twin's. It draws his attention all the same, though sluggish, and then with more curiosity - and a little anger - at a dawning realization of what, exactly, was said.]

You... You are keeping brother from me? [He picks up the communicator to stare it down. Unhappy twin is unhappy!] Where is brother?! You are telling me now!

[He expected anger and confusion from the small bot, but he tried to explain as best he could. After all, if someone dear was taken from him, he'd want an explanation as well. His eyes soften, his voice as calm and soothing as ever.]

He was in my trailer. I apologize for keeping him from you, Jetfire, but we needed to filter the synthetic energon out of his system. To remind him that he was in fact an Autobot.

[Wait, what? Synthetic energon... Remind his twin...]

What is this you are saying? Why is he thinking is not Autobot?

Jetfire, your brother has been experimented on by Starscream. They gave him Synthetic Energon, a substance that is still in experimental form to him, and it caused him to lose his memory. After capturing him, I put him in my trailer to keep him safe from Starscream, to let the Synthetic Energon filter out.

I deeply apologize...

[Video] I guess we can just assume this came before he and Jetstorm met up again? @3@

[A lot of the twin's energy seems to deflate at this, but if he is honest, he doesn't know who in this city to trust right now. All he really knows is that brother was gone, brother was talking funny before he disappeared... and this guy looks... somewhat like mister Optimus Prime sir, but, well, he doesn't sound like him at all. Maybe he's a clone?]

[And he's apologizing... a lot. And offering some form of explanation. He hasn't really had either since brother vanished.]

You are... helping him, then? Where is he being now?

[Video]Let's go with that!

I believe he has been released from my trailer. So you may probably find him around the city.


He is out? [brb, squealing for bruvver over their link]

What are you crying about?

[Did someone call for an asshole Decepticon? No? Well here's one anyway.]

[Well, since he's already looking up...]

B-brother is being gone again... I am not seeing him for days.

And lying around sobbing about it helps?

Man up and go look for him.

[He doesn't know what becoming human will do for this situation, but you get a pout, sir.]

Is not helping when am I searching whole city for him and not finding anything and I am calling and he is not responding! Maybe he is going away again... but I am still feeling him.

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