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5th Prime // [Video]/ [Video Locked to Caroline]
bravestofprimes wrote in ink_city
[The feed turns on to show Optimus Prime standing out by the pier (if you could tell, he kind of blocks a lot of the view), and his expression is quite troubled. Megatron had only been in the city a short time and he had already caused one human death.  And he highly doubted it would stop there.  His brows furrow as he almost seems like he doesn't know what to say, however he managed to find it in him to speak.  How do you really explain this to everyone?]

Citizens of Ink City, I deeply apologize for that broadcast earlier.  It was a most cruel act upon a human that I take responsibility for, as it should have never happened.  While death is not permanent here, I have experienced how traumatic it can make those who witness it.  And though we are immortal in a sense, a death is something that carries a heavy burden with it.  I give this message as an apology of what Megatron has done, and I hope you do not hold us all to that same respect.  

[Someone had to apologize, and he knew it wouldn't be Megatron. So he decided to take up the responsibility to do it.  And with that, his shoulders droop slightly.]

Thank you for listening.

[He closes his eyes for a moment, thinking things over before he looks back, his eyes softer than previously. The feed cuts for the average city-goer, locked to Caroline.]

Miss Caroline, I hope you made it out of the well okay, and that Megatron has not followed. I will not delve into your business, I just would like to know that you are safe.

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Actes d'un individu ne définissent pas l'espèce en général.

["An individual's acts don not define the general species". His way of saying thank you.]

[Optimus smiles at the text, glad to see that some gave forgiveness. Although his fingers are a bit big for the keypad, he's able to use his circuitry to reply.]

I thank you for your kindness.

Then you're aware we must take steps to amend this problem?

[Doesn't relish talking to you, but he has no choice.]


[His brows furrow. Sorry, but he doesn't feel really comfortable talking about this with you, Trevor.]

I am searching all possible options.

Don't worry.

It's not that bad.

He'll actually live to regret this because of that well. And it's not even going to be my fault.

[Can you tell the difference between them, Prime? CAN YOU? Here's a hint: Caroline probably wouldn't be sounding so blase right now.]

We're going to be entering an interesting time. If I were you I'd relax. We have a professional working here.

[Because someone saw that some mute lunatic may or may not have been paying attention to the whole affair]

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[While the voice is very Caroline-esque, he's learned to tell the difference between the two, and his brows furrow.]

You are the one called GLaDOS, am I correct?

...I'm not sure what I can do Optimus, But I'll help.

I know I don't stand a chance against Megajerk but, I'm not going to stand by and watch him hurt innocent people, especially those I consider my friend.

And don't worry I'd never judge you that way, I know you're totally different than he is.

[All the seriousness. There's a very good reason she's reacting so strongly to something this bad. And she's finally going to put her anger and frustration about it all to good use.]

[Saft's words soften Optimus's spark, as he looks genuinel relieved at her words.]

I do not wish to put you in harm's way, Miss Saft. But you are strong. Do take care to protect any and all that you can.

I am grateful you are all so forgiving of our race.

[Hey, guess who couldn't see Megatron's transmission in time because of faulty equipment?

This guy.

That is not to say he did not see it.

The tone is... soft. Almost a murmur, really

The young woman... Who is she, Optimus?

[No mention of Megatron. Not a word of the incident. As if he wished only to put it out of his mind]

[Ah, Skyfire. He is almost glad you did not get caught up in that scuffle.]

Her name is Caroline, Skyfire.

You're apologizing for something you didn't do?

[Just making sure.]

I am apologizing for what Megatron has done on behalf of our race. As their leader, I take responsibility for all of our actions. We do not want to be seen as a threat.

At least the ones who fight to protect.

[You may or may not have seen this little guy fight Megatron. If not, it's okay.]
Hi! I'm Kirby!

[He did, and was quite impressed with how well you held your own! He gives a soft smile.]


It would be unfair to judge an entire race purely by the actions of one individual, be they robot, human, or anything in between.

You shouldn't have to apologize for someone with as little disregard for the lives of others as Megatron. He doesn't deserve it.

[She pauses.]

The human he murdered. The young woman. Was she able to escape once she emerged from the Well?

I thank you for your wisdom, little one. But I fear that if I do not apologize, there will be no one who will.

I am to assume that she has escaped Megatron's grasp for the time being.

[Combined with missing stitches and this, someone's not having a great day.]

So it begins again, the war. It's just as I feared.

[Oh no...One.]

One, I deeply apologize for this occurrence of events.'re not all like that are you?
[Ariel is a bit weary of you giant robots. With all the stuff Megatron said it wasn't wrong to be shaken. Sad faced mermaid forever Oppy.]

[Upon seeing Ariel's face, Optimus's spark sinks.]

I deeply apologize for what has been done. There are some of us who wish nothing more than an equal friendship between humans and our race...and those who wish to destroy them.

[ She chooses voice for now. Mostly because she's still trying to figure out how to trim and style this wreck Starscream made of her hair, and also she's seen enough robots for a lifetime. ]

Optimus, I'm fine. Thank you for your help.

[ Her tone was different. It didn't hold the same bland coldness that she would speak to him with. It sounded. Sincere. ]

[A small sigh of relaxation escapes Optimus as he hears her, not only her voice, but her voice at peace.]

I am grateful to hear that. You are most welcome, but I believe the real thanks goes to your friend. He was truly remarkable to stand up to Megatron like that.

[Oh hey prime. Your favorite bot here, with a disgusted look on his face.]

Apologizing Prime? How low will you disgrace our race? Apologizing. These disgusting things would have to count themselves blessed by the allspark to be under our rule.

[Megatron shakes his head, mumbling the word apology, as if still in disbelief.]

[His optics narrow when he sees you on the screen. Yeah, he's not too pleased with you, much like the angry wife he is.]

The Allspark would not allow such tyranny, Megatron. And you know it. We were once a peaceful race.

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