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thedadbot wrote in ink_city
[The surface of the well bubbles wildly for a few moments before something explodes violently out and spirals high into the air.

It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's an Autobot with an out-of-control jetpack!

A much smaller Optimus than everyone is used to attempts to control his flight with very little success, his jetpack seems to have taken up a mind of its own and wouldn't respond to him no matter how hard he flails around. He pulls back on the throttle as hard as he could and somehow he ends up zooming downwards. He can only watch helplessly as the streets of Ink City rapidly approaches before-


There is an Autobot sized crater right next to the well. After a moment, he groans and somehow manages to drag himself up over the craters edge before shakily reaching up to touch his comm.

...Ratchet, Professor Sumdac...I think we still have some work to do.

[He pushes himself to his knees and glances around with a somewhat dazed expression. Wait... this isn't Detroit, and he isn't getting any response from the others. His expression hardens slightly and he tries calling them again.]

Ratchet? Come in Ratchet. Bumblebee? Bulkhead? Prowl?

Someone answer! Sari?

[Well, this isn't good on so many levels.]

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[Do do do making his usual rounds to the fountain. Cybertronians were rather popular, weren't they? But...this one was different. Judging from his size and armor structure, he would assume that he is of Blurr's and Jetstorm's world, heading over to possibly introduce himself.]

Greetings, soldier.

[Optimus tenses when he hears heavy footsteps approach him. Naturally he assumes that its a Decepticon so he reaches behind him and pulls out his energon axe, quite prepared to either attack or hide. He blinks with confusion when it turns out to be an Autobot. A very big Autobot. Optimus stares up at the other in awe before remembering that he is still crouched on the ground in a defensive position.]

Um, greetings sir!

[He quickly puts away his axe and hauls himself to his feet, giving the bigger bot a salute.]

I'm sorry for intruding on... here, sir. It was an accident.

[He's not going to get in trouble for property damage is he?]

[Was that HIS name? Bee peers at the newcomer, confused]


[Name and rank?]

[...Optimus glances at the strange Autobot with a confused look.]

I beg your pardon?

[Waitwat....OH GREAT. Bee facepalms and shakes his head. He's getting REALLY tired of this...]

CwrrrrtZZZwrrrrr? ZZZzzzZZZ

[Why is being understood so hard? I'm Autobot Bumblebee]

[Kirby was just wandering the city, looking for more food. Sure there was the warehouse, but Kirby wanted to know what else is here. However, he stopped walking when he saw a massive crater next to the InkWell.]

[Optimus is still recovering from his fall and doesn't notice the little pink fluff right away.]

The Decepticons make flying seem so easy.

[He mutters to himself, checking his body over for any serious injuries.]

[Kirby walked a little closer to the robot in the crater.]
You OK?

ACTION with derp because merry christmas no troll 4 u

[.... ow.

That... that did not look like a fun trip. That could have been a lot more graceful. He's not sure if he can blame the jet pack or lack of experience here but he's not really a judgmental bot.

... try not to be intimidated by the giant shadow falling over you, mini!prime, he can't really help it

... Are you alright?

[Both can be blamed, since Optimus would ideally keep both of his feet and all four of his tires on the solid ground.]


[He blinks in awe at the sheer size of the Autobot talking to him. Welp, he feels kinda small...]

[Megatron squints at the screen, trying to purposely blur the image before him. Prime? No. Another prime? Possible. As if this week wasn't bad enough. Perhaps he was dead, and this is the punishment the allspark devised for him. An eternity of unkillable Primes. Megatron shivered at the thought. He responds with a murderous undertone.]


[Optimus hears the voice and almost instantly feels a dark sense of dread wash over him. It is a powerful voice that holds no mercy or kindness for anyone. What's worse, the voice called him by his name.]

Who is this?

[His own tone is defiant as he picks up the communicator, as if to mask the unease he is feeling. The face looking up at him causes him to draw back ever so slightly. He hasn't seen such malice in anyone's expression since the last time he fought Megatron...]

[Yes, it stood to reason that if This prime looked different, his Megatron also looked different. Even so, the indignity of Prime not knowing who he was enraged Megatron.]

You KNOW who I am, Prime. And regardless of how many of you pop up in this infernal place, I will see you ALL scrapped.


[And a small furry creature slowly walks up to Optimus.]

Do I know you?


I don't think so.

Can I help you with anything?

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