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smallestscream wrote in ink_city
[Hey. City.

Guess what.

There's bubbling going on in the Well. It takes a few moments of frantic thrashing before ink-slicked claws grab hold of the side, someone new dragging themselves over the edge and tumbling head over wings onto the ground.]

What is this?!

[The ink is sloughing off, revealing grey and pinkmaroon armor, and a rather irritated looking young face. While this one is Cybertronian, he's the smallest one so far, coming up to maybe six feet as he pushes to his pedes, giving himself a shake.]

Ugh! What is this stuff?! Disgusting!

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[Oh god more robot superheroes. What is going on here. Don't mind her just staring at you. It's TOTALLY normal.]

It's ink!

[And she doesn't seem the least bit frightened of you.]

Ink? Why in the world am I covered in i--

[What in the fresh hell.

Please excuse him, Kay as he cuts off abruptly, and staaaares at you in a sort of growing comprehension.

And utter terror.]

Y-y-y.... you!

[Another Cybertronian? How many more of you guys are you?

She's not scared just wary, especially considering how dangerous she knows some of you are, some but not all.]

Okay, first things first!

Friend or foe?

[He lets out a yelp, and climbs up onto the Well again, gripping at the edge and staring at Saft with big optics.]

Stay back! Where are all these organics coming from...

[Saft? He sounds kinda young. And is kinda tiny. And no insignia, either Autobot or Decepticon.]

[Here, have a little Smurf, Starscream. I know you'll love him!]

Another one of you guys? There sure are a lotta you here...

[Seriously. The amount of robots kind of amazes him. Why can't there be less Cybertronians and more Smurfs??]

[He can deal with video. Video means you're not right there, ready to spit acids at him.

So please excuse him a moment while he finds his communicator, and peers at the screen with a curious tilt of his head and a flicker of wings.]

What are you?

[Don't mind him, Starscream. Starscream's just out getting some fresh air.

..That sounded really odd for two reasons. One, he doesn't need air, and two...well..two is more explanatory than an actual reason.]

Out of my way, sparkling.

[...wait. Sparkling?]

[AGHKSFJHSDFS. You're tall. And kinda scrawny. What's with that?]

Watch where you're going!

[Huffpuff scramble out of the way, wings stiff with indignation. He gets no respect in this blasted place!]

[And you thought Starscream was tall.

The shadow falls over the sparkling before Skyfire is even close enough to talk, the giant wanting to observe more people emerging from the well.

Well, he gets his wish, but he kind of wishes he didn't. Because... babby. He's even younger than the Jet twins and Blurr. By a lot.

They'd even bring such young ones here...

[THE KID, SKYFIRE. The tumble bit earns a bit of an uncertain move forward, unsure if he should just haul the tiny flier up out of the inky mess]

Are you alright, little one?

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Holy Primus you're HUUUUGE.]

I'm not little!

[Oh Skyfire, that shrill voice is so nostalgically familiar~]

[Hmm...there seems to be a lot of Cybertonians getting dragged here. As if life here couldn't get anymore surreal.]

You think they'd pick a cleaner way of putting us here.

I'm more interested in how we can get out.

[More robots! Since Kirby's in the area, he might as well go say hi.]

[Fascinated by this little pink ball.]


[Isn't running... but isn't coming closer either.]

[Here little one. Its a Megatron on the screen, just for you. See that icon up there? His face might be frozen like that for some time.]

Who...what...ARE you?

[Certainly not starscream. No sir. He knows starscream, starscream works for him. You are NO starscream.]

[You're scary. So... no mouthing off yet.]

I'm Starscream!

Jeez, more robots?

You got something against robots? [Look at that sulk.]

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