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regularbird wrote in ink_city
[Static has been broadcast. 20 minutes of static.

It seems to be coming from Mordecai's communicator. At least, it's tagged as such.

But it is white noise and static.

For 20 minutes.


Unless the file is repeated. And then, maybe, Mordecai's voice can be heard, pleading for help.

Maybe. If you strain yourself.]

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[Veser thinks nothing of it at first, but then he slowly pieces together that there probably wouldn't be a message of just static for no reason.

So he listens closer. And when he finally does hear that maybe-Mordecai's voice, he shits bricks grabs his communicator and starts yelling into it.]

Dude! Mordecai, s'that you?! Where are you?

[static]s all black[static]



[He looks around before making another attempt.]

What do you remember happening before you go there?

[There's another static reply. But the black bits pushing out in front of the white seem to coalesce into Mordecai's face. His voice comes out glitchy, almost behind a filter.]


[Oh God, this is creepy. He swallows and peers bit closer into the screen.]

Yeah, it's me.

Dude, I... it's... everything's so dark... help me...

[Odd. Why would her communicator displa--wait was that a voice?]

H-Hey! Is there someone there? Are you...are you one of the missing people? Hello?

[staticstaticstatic]-Ion? Is that y- [staticstaticstatic]

Yes! Yes it's me! Where are you? Where can I find you? I can help!

[Pff no you can't.]

I don't know anything. It's all dark and- [static]

Dark...right, okay. [She's hopped out of her makeshift house now in her uniform and is running around the city, looking for any sign of anything, with communicator in tow. Can't blame the girl for trying.]

...Fountain?! [skiiiiiiiid, 180 turn, run toward the fountain]

You--are you in the fountain?!

[Rigby stares at the screen until he hears Mordecai's voice.]

Stupid thing's taunting me again...

[static]-by? Rigby? Is that you?

[Nope, the thing's never actually responded to him. Rigby frantically grabs the communicator in near hysterics.]

Mordecai?! Where have you been, dude? You freaked me out when you left!

I've been trapped in... this... I don't know, this- [khhhshskhskkshsksh]

Mordecai, where are you? Is Benson there too? You're not with Hely, are you?

I'm alone, Rigby, it's... I don't know where I am...

[Well that scratches out the 'Re-Revenge Plot from Heloise' theory, most likely, though Rigby hardly feels any better knowing that.]

What do you mean you don't know where you are?! I mean, you're okay at least, right?

[Nny is fairly certain that this is just his communicator screwing with him again, or some sort of waking night-terror.

Still, he'd overheard the others' broadcasts. Better at least try.]

Hey. Are you Mordecai?

[There's a lot of static, but the bird's voice kinda comes through.] ...yeah?

[Nny nods.]

I have to be certain. This thing's been screwing with me a lot, and I'm pretty certain it's at least a little haunted.

You're friends with a little racoon-thing. He's looking for you, and he kind of made me want to prove a point. So, I just want to apologize to you ahead of time.

What I'm going to do, it's nothing personal.

[Heloise is actually rather confused and shocked at this, and her expression and voice definitely shows it]

What in sweet misery's name...?!
... Ladybird?! Is that you?!

[Kiba's sort of got the hang of it, now, but he stares, annoyed, at the static-y broadcast, until he hears the voice. Even though the static is loud, he can hear Mordecai fine.]


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