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Ink City default

Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

[Hey. City.

Guess what.

There's bubbling going on in the Well. It takes a few moments of frantic thrashing before ink-slicked claws grab hold of the side, someone new dragging themselves over the edge and tumbling head over wings onto the ground.]

What is this?!

[The ink is sloughing off, revealing grey and pinkmaroon armor, and a rather irritated looking young face. While this one is Cybertronian, he's the smallest one so far, coming up to maybe six feet as he pushes to his pedes, giving himself a shake.]

Ugh! What is this stuff?! Disgusting!

[The surface of the well bubbles wildly for a few moments before something explodes violently out and spirals high into the air.

It's a bird! It's a plane!

No, it's an Autobot with an out-of-control jetpack!

A much smaller Optimus than everyone is used to attempts to control his flight with very little success, his jetpack seems to have taken up a mind of its own and wouldn't respond to him no matter how hard he flails around. He pulls back on the throttle as hard as he could and somehow he ends up zooming downwards. He can only watch helplessly as the streets of Ink City rapidly approaches before-


There is an Autobot sized crater right next to the well. After a moment, he groans and somehow manages to drag himself up over the craters edge before shakily reaching up to touch his comm.

...Ratchet, Professor Sumdac...I think we still have some work to do.

[He pushes himself to his knees and glances around with a somewhat dazed expression. Wait... this isn't Detroit, and he isn't getting any response from the others. His expression hardens slightly and he tries calling them again.]

Ratchet? Come in Ratchet. Bumblebee? Bulkhead? Prowl?

Someone answer! Sari?

[Well, this isn't good on so many levels.]

[Action] Return of Miah ; locked to Optimus
{Fallen from home}
[This...this was against his whole principle of neutrality he'd been planning on but if anyone deserved some truth, it was the leader of the Autobot that had protected him during the Megatron incident. Less than twenty-four hours after arriving and he'd already kicked the hornet's nest three times. He shouldn't have let his own spite let slip a secret known only to the DoD contracts. And now, he HAD to answer for it with Optimus. He was dressed in a slightly ragged and oversized tuxedo, carrying a bottle of cheap wine for his dinner with Mr. Johnson and Miss Caroline. Sitting on the pier, he noticed that he rather enjoyed the waterfront.]

What I'm going to tell you...Stays with us.

[After this, he was going to shut up. Revert to his mute defense mechanism. No more talking, like a good little soldier...lackey.]

2nd Report Filed /voice, locked to Blurr/
[Oh Blurr? Someone heard about what happened at the well. Specifically what happened with you at the well.

He doesn't mean to be nosey in your life but-

no wait yes he does

Blurr? Are you there? Are you alright?

[The tone is quiet, as firm as he can manage, but there's a faint quaver in the back that suggests he's a lot less calm than he sounds right now.]

In which our smurfy hero remembers he's still homeless...[video]
[Slouchy's just been kind of hiding in small, smurf-sized places for the past couple weeks. He hasn't yet wandered near enough to the forest to discover the fact that his house is magically here now as well, so he's been relying on the survival skills the other Smurfs have taught him since he arrived.

But...With it so cold and the ominous looking clouds that have begun to gather, he's getting a bit worried and finally thinking that maybe he should seek more permanent shelter.

The window vision thingy, he's realized, is the best way to reach all of his new friends and ask for help.

Right about now, your screen should be flickering to life, with a small blue face appearing on it.]

Um, hi guys? It's been kinda cold and looks like it's getting ready to snow more...

Has any one seen a good sized mushroom around? I need to smurf myself a house.

[He looks kind of worried. And hopeful. And worriedly hopeful.

Some one wanna smurf the poor kid out?]

The Eleventh Hour (Video)
[The Doctor appears on everyone's communicator screens. He is sitting in a spinning office chair set up against a wall constructed out of some alien material. He spins around once or twice while he holds the communicator.]


Well, nobody get too excited, but I think I've figured out a way to get us home.

Well, not think; I am certain. Otherwise I wouldn't be telling you. You'd say, 'Oh, is that true? I get to go home and watch West-Enders?' And I'd say, 'No, just a thought.' This time, though, I know it will work. Why am I so sure? Beats the hell out of me, that's why!

Also, I'm going to need a power source roughly equivalent to a sun going supernova for this to work. Oh, and some gum. The sticky kind.

Fourth Chronicle [Shadow] (so...kinda private video?)
[Makuta browses through the signals of his communicator that day, and he happens upon the altercation involving Caroline and Megatron. Needless to say, he's intrigued by the events, but he also pays close attention to Megatron. Another shadowy, villainous looking character, just like they said. Could he bear some connection to Soundwave? Quite possibly. So Makuta waits, and he waits, until Megatron no longer has any enemies bearing down upon him, and is sufficiently relaxed enough to talk to. Then, Makuta spreads his influence through the absence of light, over the city, until he finds the one he's looking for.

[When Megatron is in a fairly quiet location, without people attacking him, and hopefully not doing anything important, he hears a voice coming from the nearest large patch of shadow.]


sixth lantern | seperation anxiety | action/video/audio/whathaveyou

[ It's been a couple of days, and while the thief wasn't exactly wont to go running off without warning for days, but this had been the absolute last straw for her. It'd been nearly a week, and she searched, scanned the talking box, and first and foremost, worried. The various audios and videos have depicted all sorts of things on her end, from nearly tearing apart the tower, to nervous chattering with Pascal about where he might be, where they haven't checked yet. Finally it's come down to using the comm itself, possibly as a cry for help. Maybe the world was just split again? Maybe. Hopefully. And she was just in color this time. And he would be there on the other end, in black and white. The blacks of her pupils and her eyelashes didn't offer much reassurance.
Still, she hopes to hear his voice on the other end. Behold, Inky City, the sunspot's dimmer than usual, with a face that's seen wider, less nervous smiles, and much more bright and cheerful eyes, not ones that have tears brimming on the edge. ]


...Where are you?

ooc: back with rapunzel! if you have anything that I dropped before christmas and would like to pick it back up, by all means, please tell me! blondie had some great threads going, and i wouldn't mind finishing any of them.

5th Prime // [Video]/ [Video Locked to Caroline]
[The feed turns on to show Optimus Prime standing out by the pier (if you could tell, he kind of blocks a lot of the view), and his expression is quite troubled. Megatron had only been in the city a short time and he had already caused one human death.  And he highly doubted it would stop there.  His brows furrow as he almost seems like he doesn't know what to say, however he managed to find it in him to speak.  How do you really explain this to everyone?]

Citizens of Ink City, I deeply apologize for that broadcast earlier.  It was a most cruel act upon a human that I take responsibility for, as it should have never happened.  While death is not permanent here, I have experienced how traumatic it can make those who witness it.  And though we are immortal in a sense, a death is something that carries a heavy burden with it.  I give this message as an apology of what Megatron has done, and I hope you do not hold us all to that same respect.  

[Someone had to apologize, and he knew it wouldn't be Megatron. So he decided to take up the responsibility to do it.  And with that, his shoulders droop slightly.]

Thank you for listening.

[He closes his eyes for a moment, thinking things over before he looks back, his eyes softer than previously. The feed cuts for the average city-goer, locked to Caroline.]

Miss Caroline, I hope you made it out of the well okay, and that Megatron has not followed. I will not delve into your business, I just would like to know that you are safe.

[Video] Concept 9/Blik ; Locked to Cave, Caroline, and Blurr
{Fallen from home}
[This video is being filmed just before he arrives at his home.]

Miss Caroline, Mr. Johnson, and Agent Blurr; I hope you all got out all right.

2nd Command // Megatron // Action/Video
smirk or sneer
[Feed opens to Megatron at the well, standing, looking pompous as the norm.]

Hello, puny inhabitants of this disgusting cesspool. I am known as Lord Megatron. You may refer to me as your new master. If you disagree, allow me to show you the results of defiance.

[The focus of the video changes to the contents in his hand. A relatively young woman, with short brown hair and who has clearly seen better days. The sleeve of her left arm is gone, still fashioned as a sling on the left side. Her right leg is swollen, a clumsy brace still attached to the ankle.]

This weak, pathetic thing had the gall to refuse me tribute, among many other crimes, and she has been punished over the course of her stay with me. Even now, she continues to defy me. And there is only one response to such insolence.

[And so, Megatron punts the poor Caroline to the ground not unlike a football, following up with a sickening stomp.]

And when she exits the well, she will return to my ship for further punishment. Do all you peons understand the game we are playing now?

The Eighth Scale - [Private/Video/Audio] Locked to Cave.
Saft - I told you I don't need saving!
Mr Johnson...?


I've searched up and down, high and low in the city over and over, Caroline doesn't seem to be anywhere and to be honest I'm getting worried.

But don't worry, It's a safe bet she isn't dead, If she was she would have just shown up again at the ink well a few days later.

Hows your search going?

[accidental video]
[This particular night, Jetfire finds himself sitting alone on a rooftop, curled into a little ball of worry, rocking back and forth a little. The look on his face betrays everything, though partially hidden behind his knees. Every so often, there is a soft whimper and a shudder from the jetling.]

[All at once, he ducks his face completely behind his arms, crossed over his knees, and lets out a sharp sound like a sob.]

[Just before the feed ends, the young one miserably utters one word: "Brother"]

[Someone is missing his twin dearly.]

Will eat 3 bowls of rice // Video//Sailor moon never had this problem.
Lets make it interesting|Halloween
[Well, hello there Ink City. You're quite in for a treat today when the feed on your communicators turn on. No, no it wasn't anything depressing or something god awful. Then again this is pretty subjective, so it's up to you. There seems to be some music playing in the background. There's also a silhouette that can't be seen at the moment.]

Woe to this city as I hear your cries for help! Your cries for a savior, a hero....a heroine even! Never fear your champion of justice is here.

[A spotlight turns on rather dramatically across her and...well, you ever seen one of those magical girl entrances? No? Well, get ready for the most rosy sparkly effects ever. It puts all magical girls to shame with all the roses appearing behind her in the background.]


[Oh...what is this fresh hell?

Why yes, she is striking a most MAGNFICENT pose and wearing a very pink and skimpy outfit.Stylish and cute. What? All magicial girls have cute, skimpy costumes. It's just an unwritten rule in the big book of magical girls.There is so much sparkling going on here it might make someone go blind or have a seizure.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any health issues that occur from this.]

A champion of justice! Fighting against evil and fighting for LOVE!

[There's a twirl of her wand before she winks.]

With a fiery passion BURNING of....MOE!

With her trusty magical companion....REN REN!

[She spins around as she outstretches her hand as there's a whirlwind of petals to come falling from above out of no where. There's a long pause before she speaks again.]

I said my magical companion REN REN!


[Gddmit Ren. Don't be such a amateur! We're trying to DAZZLE the people here and assure them they are in good hands.]
[ooc: Both Renge and Ren will be shamelessly tagging all up in here.]

[Video, locked from Manny and the Warner family] Correlation
[Once again, the city will have to suffer through its local Trevor hour on the communicator screen! And oh, what's this? He's standing outside with his huge shoulder pad-Breen military outfit ensemble. Boy he looks oh-so-content, doesn't he? Oh right, he's getting ready to speak.]

Another year has begun--if this world operated on the physics of a planet like my own. Let us be reminded of the malleability of time. How many years have passed outside this microcosm? One year? Ten? A thousand? Tell me and they're all applicable, yet they're all false.  

But allow me to elaborate. Regardless of relativity, it is a new year for myself. Many of you may have heard of me, the rumors about me. Allow me to dispel the fog of untruth to say that yes: I have done things which may appear monstrous in your eyes. Of course I had my reasons, as we all do. Do I have my regrets? Yes. Do I seek to amend them? Yes.

As I said, a new year dawns. Let us usher in change. Let us begin with no secrets, pure openness. 

[From his pocket he produces a small remote.]

Let nothing come between us. Let us celebrate the dawn of a new age, a new openness. 

His finger lands straight on the singular button. See those towering turrets by the compound? BOOM, down they go in a pile of rubble. Yep, the turrets are gone. Surely there's nothing else that Trevor would have under his oversize sleeve right? RIGHT?]

((OOC: I will get to tags tomorrow, honest!))