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[Action] In which I abuse this icon heavily
avoidingwork wrote in ink_city
[Hello, citizens of Ink City.  You might of noticed that your pleasant-to-murder-causing day has been interrupted by a blood-curdling scream in the direction of the Ink Well.  If you go to said well, you'll see a certain raccoon sobbing.  He'll most likely not notice you at first, as he's sulking in his self pity now.  What he is unaware of is how much this event will change the city.]


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[The scream was enough to get Yakko's attention.
Normally it'd be conventional wisdom to not run towards whatever's screaming, but far be it for Yakko to listen to conventional wisdom most of the time.
In other words, he takes off running towards the inkwell, and doesn't put on the brakes until he's nearly on top of it-
Oh. Hi, Rigby who punched him in the gut.
And is now... crying.
That's it. Yakko's completely lost.
What the heck is going on around here.
No, doesn't say anything at first, he's still busy being torn between confusion, feeling he should step in, and still being oh so maturely mad at him.]

[Nope, he doesn't notice you, still crying. Also, note that he's still in the Ink Well, as opposed just just sitting on the edge of it.]

NO, NOT THE WOOBIE ICON!!!11 ;_____;

[Oh no! Yugi's seen his poor coonyfrand, and seeing his friends cry is never fun. :C He walks over, slowy.]

...Rigby? Are you okay?

[Kiba just so happened to be walking nearby, and if he was farther away, he probably wouldn't have bothered with the bloodcurdling scream. But as it stood, he walked over to see the raccoon having a break-down.

Again, he probably wouldn't bother, normally, but after his conversation with Heloise, he's slightly paranoid.]

...You okay?

[Shakes his head and resumes crying.]

[Rigby is crying in the fountain. Rigby is crying in the fountain. As much as Phoenix wants to work on his stupid super boat, this was much more important.]

Rigby! What happened?

[Hey now, I'm sure Rigby would of loved the boat idea if he hadn't just gone through Hell.]


[Johnny's been in a good mood lately. He finally has his motivation back, and he feels like he could do anything.

Which is why seeing a crying Rigby is kind of confusing. He honestly doesn't know how to respond to this. He kind of wants to help Rigby out, but the whole 'attempted murder' thing might send the wrong message. Still; might as well try.]

Uh, hey... are you alright?

[Heck, after this, he almost forgives you for the attempted murder. Almost.]


[The Doctor is a man of science. And, as a man of science, he knows not to get involved in personal matters; it is one of the strict laws of Time Lord society. With that being said, when he sees a poor, crying racoon in the Ink Fountain, his very first instinct is to go up to it and ask it what's wrong.

And that's exactly what he does.]

Hello. You look like you need a little help.

[Sorry, Doctor, he's not very responsive to people he doesn't know right now.

He just shrugs his shoulders while crying.]

[Unlike the four above him, Ren has little concern for Rigby's well-being. And what does Ren do best but resort to verbal teasing?]

Look at you! Crying! HA!

[And guess what? He ignores you and continues crying. What a surprise.]

[And Mordecai was walking by, his arm bandaged from the previous fight, body bruised from the pummeling he got. As soon as he hears the scream, he runs towards the InkWell, only to see...]



[Hides his face from him.]

...Dude, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!!!

Aww. What's the matter Rigby?

[Chowder is concerned.]

Are you hungry?

[FFFFFFFFFF how does he know his name?

Yeah, he's gonna freak out now, don't take it personally.]


[Megamind and Rigby might not have had the best relationship, but still, he wasn't one to let people get hurt (on purpose, anyway).]

Are you functional??

[For once, he doesn't yell at Megamind for getting his name wrong.]

A... a little...

[Although Edgeworth hadn't known Rigby long, he'd been told stories from Phoenix. And to see this guy screaming was a little too much. He hurried over and attempted to assist him.]

R..Rigby is it?

*UPON HEARING THE CRY OF ONE OF HIS BFFIES, Toothless swoops down, with his new fancy spiked collar thanks to Megamnd and stands protectively in front of Rigby, to see if anyone was bothering him!

But he slowly blinks, seeing that no one was around and he could hear the raccoon sobbing. He furrows his brow a little and pads up to Rigby, to a safe distance. The dragon sits down and croons out his concern for the raccoon, low and pitying towards Rigby as he lays his head down on his front paws, lying down, staring at him with his large bright eyes.*

[He looks up at Toothless and reaches up to hug him. Sobbing.]

[Walk walk walk. Hear scream. Run to source. See raccoon crying his eyes out. Wilt's not entirely sure he can cheer the poor guy up, but gosh if he's not going to try.]

I-I'm sorry, but did you hurt yourself?


[Back at the Regular home, Benson is laying on the couch, thankfully washed up of paint and ink-blood. He's kind of just staring off into space and feeling really, REALLY exhausted.

It turns out that murder is a tiring act, even without the psychological hurdles of... knowing who you actually killed. Ack.]

[And so now Rigby's on the kitchen table, as Mordecai put him there. He is still quietly sobbing to himself and is barely noticing Benson.]

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