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[Video] There Is No Title...
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_city

[Private to Yakko Warner]

[Trevor stands in one of the many solid steel hallways in his compound, a door behind him.  The expression on his face is masked, vague. Whatever he has to say, it must be important.]

I have something that might be of interest to you.

[And without any further explanation, Trevor turns off the feed.]

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What you truly want, more than anything.

[Elusiveness, thy name is Goodchild.]

Dinner with Michelle Pfeiffer?

I have no idea of whom you speak, but no.
Remember the forest? It's aftermath? The truths you learned there?

Why remind you when I could reunite you?

Yes. They're here.

I found them in the forest. I've transfered them here in my compound.

Ya gotta let me see 'em! Are they in one piece -- ahhhhh - two pieces? What compound?!

Of course, simply come to the compound with the high walls and decorated balcony. It can't be hard to miss...

[This was way too easy]

That's what they always say....

Okay then - I'll see you in -ahh- hopefully minutes. If it's months, I definitely missed it.

[And he's taking off running.]

[Trevor goes to the ground floor of the compound, waiting, waiting. Soon he would have a great specimen on his hands, a specimen that might be key to the Mayor's power.]

[An unknowing specimen who is running at full toonspeed ahead, wheel'o'feet and all, finally screeching to a halt in front of the compound in order to look around. This seems like the right place..]

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