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[Ink, Action] Not a good time to panic, open to all!
UM- UM-!!, EEP!
tyrannical_test wrote in ink_city
[When the destruction settles, some citizens may notice that things have gotten a bit monochrome. At first they’ll probably assume it to be a trick of the eyes; things that were bright are now pure white, things that were dark are now black and gray. But it’s quickly apparent that there is NO color, anywhere. This new black and white City is very dark and dismal-looking, with shattered buildings, a completely black ocean and precarious cracks and holes in the ground that lead down to some inky abyss. The dark sky is devoid of any sun, moon or clouds, but at least it has stars. And though it seems to be a night sky above, the City itself is as well-lit as if it were the middle of the day.

The fountain is no longer functioning properly, it’s spires drip idly while the base cascades with ink, over it’s rim and puddling onto the ground. Nearby, the inky form of the Mayor pulsates and churns, quietly muttering as it assesses the damage.]

A-alright.. okay, okay, this is going to be fine, this- this isn’t a total disaster, they should all still be alive! Yes, I’m sure they are.. Something must have.. slipped. Once I find her, we’ll fix this, and everything will be JUST fine, things won’t mess up again like this, no, it will all be under control.. Oh, where IS she!? [suddenly his voice picks up to a frantic tone.] She has to be around here somewhere! She can’t just VANISH, that’s impossible! Where would she- where would it all go!? They wouldn’t DO this to us, there has to be a way to fix it!”

[Finally in a full, justified state of panic, the Mayor floats through the City, trying to look for any kind of clue as to how this can be fixed. As he passes by a few buildings, he recognizes the familiar, humming note of when the earthquake had just begun. He stops, moving closer to analyze.
Hm. This may be connected, but what could it mean?]

((Buildings broken on the Ink side:
The Regular Home
Nny's House
Chipotle's Lab
Vlad's Lucius's Questionably Owned Castle
Aki's mansion
Wheatley's Relaxation Center

Feel free to mingle about and interact with who ever you want, not just the NPC! Everything's chaotic right now.))

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[With others, Maya seemed perfectly adapt to the current situation, doing her best to cheer up others and reassure them than worry about herself. That's just how she was.

However, left alone she was a complete wreck. It was strange, back home she had separated herself from Phoenix pretty much willing for years length of time, but here in the city it almost seemed unbearable to go a day without him. This unusual attachment was really doing a number on her emotional health and it was showing in more than one way.

Take now, for example, as she sits against a building to rest her searching efforts and take a breather. It was clear by her expression that she was sad, it didn't take a genius to see that, but if one were to really pay attention they may spot her hair.

It was wet and not with water but what else, ink. Well, let's hope it's ink...either way it was blended in her hair as if it were a brush. Turn her over and you could probably write something with her. And it was starting to drip...

Maya didn't notice, of course. She was too tired too. All she wanted in times like this was her own Maya to tell her everything will be okay.]

[Good thing she's not being left alone for too long. Though Yakko's not being observant enough to catch the rest of that.]

What's the matter?

[Maya jumps at the sound of Yakko's voice. You know, that kind of shake you see from like a kid who just got caught stealing cookies.]


[She blurts that out almost immediately without any thought, like a reflex.]

Right. I can tell.

[Yakko walks forward, and leans against the wall. Unconvinced. You've cheered him up before, Maya, you don't get a pass on it.]

Ah, good.

[Not taking the sarcasm, apparently.]

Did you want anything? I could cook you dinner. I bet all this excitement's made you really hungry. I'd say it has for me, but uh, I'm always hungry.

[Food always cheered her she's assuming it works the other way around. Her cooking is pretty much just sandwiches, though...]

Actually come to think of it, that DOES sound like a good idea.]

Sure! Ahhh - by the way, I found Rigby. In a manner of speaking.

I'm so happy for you!

[She stands up, the ink from her hair puddling behind her. She still doesn't seem to notice, Maya you can't be that bad.]

So where is he?

I have no idea-

... [That at least is pretty hard to not see.]

Don't look now, but I think you've got a leak.

[Sissel sees Maya sitting all by herself, and, being the gentleman he is, he goes to see if she's alright.]

Uhm...Hi there.

[Oh hey, she knows you.]

Hi, Mr. Hair!

Uhm..Hey. I'd say your name but I sadly forgot.

But you can call me Sissel.

Are you okay? You look a bit down in the dumps.

Who, me? You're seeing things.

[She's a bad liar.]

My name's Maya, by the way. Not hard to forget, it's only four letters!

Mind if I sit down?

[He seems to be rubbing his face, and the underside of his hand is all black.] came out of me after that robot punched me.

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