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Crooked One
visionofwords wrote in ink_city
[The transmission clicks on... Yeah the signal should be familiar enough. It's NO ONES FAVORITE SCIENTIST YAY.

... Only this sure as hell doesn't sound like him.

Aon bhealach amach....

áit a bhfuil mé?

[She seems to have realized now though that she's got this damn thing to work. Her voice doesn't rise above a frantic whisper.]

Is someone out there? Can anyone hear me?! I need... Someone has to help me! I don't know where I am... There are walls everywhere, and I can't see the sky... That demon man is in here too and-

[There's a pause... and a shriek. Looks like someone got caught. And... CLACK

The sound of the communicator hitting the wall, hard


[Aaaaaand.... Nothing.]

[ooc: Aisling will... noooot be responding to messages, but Trevor might! 8D]

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[Optimus had come back from his drive earlier that day, heading towards the little fairy's tree. He had promised to meet her there as expected, but perhaps he had taken too much time to himself. He could probably guess that she had worried about him. Still, when he arrived, he saw nothing. No sign of her whatsoever.

He could track her communicator, however, and started to work off that. When the trail came to a dead end, he saw the communicator lying on the ground and picked it up gently between two fingers.

And just like that, the broadcast was said at that moment.

Naturally, Optimus is worried.]

Miss Aisling! Do you read?

[Trevor, rubbing his head, answers the communicator. Damn, that kid had good aim.]

Ah, yes. Technical problems with the security systems, but we're taking care of it.

[Now there's a new voice. He checked the frequency to see if maybe another signal had popped in, but it was clearly the same.]

Sir, I do not intend to cause you any problems, but I heard someone just now over your communications device. Someone I've been looking for.

They often replay recorded imagery from across the city, nothing to concern yourself with.

[Yeah, he's not buying that.]

Miss Aisling is under my protection, so I am quite concerned as to why you would have such a recording.

Footage from one of the security cameras. Most likely a crime from before. As I said, no serious matter here.

Perhaps so, however I am still missing her. Surely it would not be too terrible if I were to stop by.

I'm undergoing renovations, it'd be impossible for you to visit.

I assure you, I will not do anything but a quick scan.

No, it's quite impossible.

[Optimus knows what is fuckin possible and what is fuckin impossible.]

I apologize in advance, sir, but I simply must insist.

And I insist you cannot visit. There's no other way.

[There is no other sound other than a bunch of metal clanging together. What make you of this, Trevor?]

[A hell lot of trouble, that's what. Trevor sets the cores in motion.]

All defense systems online.

[He's on to you, Optimus.]

[It isn't long until Optimus is able to track the communication's source, leading right to Trevor's compound. He drives past what would be safe for a textbook driver, arriving in no less than ten minutes. And when he gets to the compound, he drives up close. Real close. Like grill-a-foot-from-the-door-close.

And he blares his horn. Very. Very. Loudly.]

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