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1st Command // Megatron // Action
robonecromancer wrote in ink_city
[There is a terrible quaking throughout the well area. Oh my, it's a big'un. Ink erupts forth, in a violent and explosive fashion. And from the ink, a terrible silver giant emerges. He stands, taking a moment before bellowing.]

I LIVE!!!!!!

[His shout echoes throughout the dark night, causing the very clouds themselves to tremble. He laughs a moment, Stretching out his arms. Ah, how long had it been since he was able to do so? Alright, enough with the pleasantries. There are more pressing matters at hand.]

Now then, where am I...?

[He surveys his surroundings, trying to pinpoint his location. How could he end up in what appeared to be the middle of a human city? Is this another hallucination? Could this all be fabricated? No, he dismissed that as unlikely. Why would his subconscious put him among humans? With a fierce scowl, Megatron sets out to explore the area.]

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[ The rumblings were easy to recognize, they accompanied most of the Cybertronians' entrances, so on habit she came to see what would show in person. His voice she instantly recognizes from Soundwave's recordings. But still. Caroline can't bring herself to back away either. So she stands there by a building, watching him, taking in whatever observations she could gather. Unlike normal humans she didn't show any fear at his presence. ]

[Megatron, while not normally taking notice of humans, grew quickly irritated at the lack of fear or respect from the puny lifeform. He walks over the the female, and leans toward her, blocking out the view of the sky.]

Do you see anything interesting, human?

[ It wasn't his size, it was his face that had Caroline froze in place. Those red eyes, her heart was immediently pounding. ]

I. I meant no disrespect, Lord Megatron.

[ It was only after his name passed her lips that she realized what she had said. She takes a small step back, the urge to run growing. ]

[Megatron's eyes widen in a look of genuine surprise. Unfortunately, Megatron is not a fan of surprises. He plucks Caroline up the the neck of her jacket.]

Oh didn't you? And how might you know of me?

The decepticons have been preparing the city for your arrival. I-I don't know anyone here who doesn't know of you.

Is that so?

[Well, its a start.]

And tell me, filthy primate, why should I allow you to continue to draw breath, after failing so miserably to address me with the proper respect?

I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming power that comes with your presence, Lord Megatron. I was lost in it and couldn't bring my body to kneel. I am obviously at your mercy.

[ Her initial moment of fear had passed when she was able to regain her senses and remember that no matter what happened, she could just always return from the well. So, her tone again returned to its confident, polite manner. ]

[Obviously at my mercy. Obviously. Which is why she dares to address me with such....familiarity. Obviously.]

I see. If this is all true, then why, exactly, are there no shrines to my glory? No followers here prepared and kneeling? Just one foolish, puny fleshling.

[ Crap. Crap crap crap. Caroline glances to the left, perhaps giving herself away. ]

The others are too afraid, understandably.

[Megatron scowls, visibly shaking with anger.]

Do I look like a fool? You have one more opportunity to tell me the truth before I use my... how did you put it? 'Overwhelming power', to snap every one of your small, brittle bones. Now where shall I start?

[Megatron takes hold of her leg, firm grasp in three of his fingers, slowly applying pressure. Better say something quick, Caroline.]

[ She hadn't considered that he would kill her slowly and painfully. A bit of fear sneaks back into her voice. ]

Stop! It's how I've said! Your arrival was impossible to predict, we can't prepare you a welcoming party if we aren't sure when you'll arrive.

[You were warned, fleshbag. Megarton releases his grip on her jacket, while maintaining an iron grin on her leg. Her 'fall' puts a huge strain on her leg, possibly dislocating it. Despite the position, Magatron shows no signs of relenting.]

Oh? Do go on. Are you done with these lies?

[ There's a loud crack, but it's hard to hear over her scream, first in fear and second in pain. ]

I-I've met them- [ Despite herself, tears begin to well up in her eyes. ] I do f-field work for ugh, Starscream.

[Megatron smiles. Look how they can be taught to obey.]

Oh? What manner of field work?

[Megatron begins swinging her slightly by the appendage.]

[ She cries out in pain as she's swung from her dislocated hip. ]

Research on the people in the city! E-errands!

[ Please please please don't sense the energon she had been working with. Just hours ago she had finished creating her synthesist capsule for the possible creation of Element Zero that required energon as a sort of energy amplifier. ]

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