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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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[Video, locked from Manny and the Warner family] Correlation
lovethedemiurge wrote in ink_city
[Once again, the city will have to suffer through its local Trevor hour on the communicator screen! And oh, what's this? He's standing outside with his huge shoulder pad-Breen military outfit ensemble. Boy he looks oh-so-content, doesn't he? Oh right, he's getting ready to speak.]

Another year has begun--if this world operated on the physics of a planet like my own. Let us be reminded of the malleability of time. How many years have passed outside this microcosm? One year? Ten? A thousand? Tell me and they're all applicable, yet they're all false.  

But allow me to elaborate. Regardless of relativity, it is a new year for myself. Many of you may have heard of me, the rumors about me. Allow me to dispel the fog of untruth to say that yes: I have done things which may appear monstrous in your eyes. Of course I had my reasons, as we all do. Do I have my regrets? Yes. Do I seek to amend them? Yes.

As I said, a new year dawns. Let us usher in change. Let us begin with no secrets, pure openness. 

[From his pocket he produces a small remote.]

Let nothing come between us. Let us celebrate the dawn of a new age, a new openness. 

His finger lands straight on the singular button. See those towering turrets by the compound? BOOM, down they go in a pile of rubble. Yep, the turrets are gone. Surely there's nothing else that Trevor would have under his oversize sleeve right? RIGHT?]

((OOC: I will get to tags tomorrow, honest!))

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[Petitus sees those brackets and they seem to suggest he's done bad things in the past.

There's also the fact that he seems to suggest that people aren't defined to their roles which irks him a little. Congrats, Trevor. You won't be the first one to initiate philosophic ramblings.]

I really don't think people can change that quickly. People are set in their roles and they can never escape them no matter how hard they try. Years may change, but people do not. What makes you think you can escape your role?

[Trevor's the master of philosophic ramblings, bro.]

Roles are merely the impositions we put on ourselves. Consider the brain: in essence, a collection of neurons, chemical compounds to make a reaction. The introduction of a new chemical will create a new reaction. One new reaction can be all it takes to change that collection of neurons.

[hey trevor how about some giant robots. WE KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THOSE]

It is admirable to see another being admit to guilt and seek amends. It takes a great deal of courage and inner strength after all.

It is pleasing to see such uplifting messages, sir.

[... A non snarky, soft spoken, completely clueless giant robot.]

[Yes he's so thrilled. Look at the goddamn smile on his face.]

Redemption and damnation is beyond people such as myself.

Ah, another Cybertonian?

Oh hey, you're that guy I saved that one time regardless of not knowing you and the terrible terrible things you've done in the past to the people who I've come to call my friends. Is this your way of trying to stop the hum-buggery and try to set yourself on a path towards not being a complete and utter dibble thong and try to, you know, help people instead of hurting them? Cause you know that'd be...oh what's the word...oh yeah...awesome.

[Condescending? Crmsn? Noooo, why ever would you think that? He's smiling, therefore his words are meaningful and full of chipper go-for-it enthusiasm.]

[He does not appreciate your condescention, bro, but he knows when to keep his cool.]

We could argue the particulars of who's done what, but what's done is done. We have the future to look forward to.

[Unimpressed pokemon is unimpressed.]

So...when's the party?

Edited at 2012-01-13 10:39 pm (UTC)

[We mermaids have NO idea what those are. Certainly big fireworks for sure. Vlad had mentioned him to her once before. But, you know if he really is sorry...]

So, you're honest and truly sorry for anything you might have ever done to hurt anyone then?

If so, there's nothing wrong with trying to make up with others and do the right thing...

With my utmost sincerity.

[Which is...as much sincerity has he has. Basically a speck's worth.]

I merely wish the best for society.

[Having only arrived here a while ago, Kirby has absolutely no idea what this guy's talking about. So he decides to be friendly and trusting. For now.]
Hi! I'm Kirby

[What the hell is that, it looks like a talking tumor.]

So you are. You must be a new arrival.

...And what's your name again?

[Because she's getting Jhalm vibes off of you, bucko]

Chariman Goodchild, miss...

[ARE you a miss?]

Too bad for that, it already seems I've gone and missed the fun, then.

I wouldn't consider these circumstances fun.

You sound like a raving lunatic. [shrugs] Professional opinion of course.

Let us refrain from name-calling, the intent is to reach out to my people.

[...Oh. Well, that was certainly, um, something?]

Good luck.

[You don't even know the half of it.]

I do not rely on luck.

Souji, was it?

(Deleted comment)
Anyone particularly memorable?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

[Video - Locked to Tevor]

You going to clue me in on any of this?

[Video - Locked to Tevor]

Pleasing the populace and making amends, nothing more.

Dear me! I could see that all the way from my island!

Wonderful to have provided a light show.

You must believe that the residents of this city are incredibly forgiving, or incredibly stupid.


[Actually he's leaning towards the second.]

And you don't believe my sentiments? I do intend to change.

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