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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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Will eat 3 bowls of rice // Video//Sailor moon never had this problem.
Lets make it interesting|Halloween
anotakutype wrote in ink_city
[Well, hello there Ink City. You're quite in for a treat today when the feed on your communicators turn on. No, no it wasn't anything depressing or something god awful. Then again this is pretty subjective, so it's up to you. There seems to be some music playing in the background. There's also a silhouette that can't be seen at the moment.]

Woe to this city as I hear your cries for help! Your cries for a savior, a hero....a heroine even! Never fear your champion of justice is here.

[A spotlight turns on rather dramatically across her and...well, you ever seen one of those magical girl entrances? No? Well, get ready for the most rosy sparkly effects ever. It puts all magical girls to shame with all the roses appearing behind her in the background.]


[Oh...what is this fresh hell?

Why yes, she is striking a most MAGNFICENT pose and wearing a very pink and skimpy outfit.Stylish and cute. What? All magicial girls have cute, skimpy costumes. It's just an unwritten rule in the big book of magical girls.There is so much sparkling going on here it might make someone go blind or have a seizure.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any health issues that occur from this.]

A champion of justice! Fighting against evil and fighting for LOVE!

[There's a twirl of her wand before she winks.]

With a fiery passion BURNING of....MOE!

With her trusty magical companion....REN REN!

[She spins around as she outstretches her hand as there's a whirlwind of petals to come falling from above out of no where. There's a long pause before she speaks again.]

I said my magical companion REN REN!


[Gddmit Ren. Don't be such a amateur! We're trying to DAZZLE the people here and assure them they are in good hands.]
[ooc: Both Renge and Ren will be shamelessly tagging all up in here.]

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[NOPE NOT COMING OUT. EVER.Seriously, you put him in THIS?! AND A DAMN RIBBON?!]


Edited at 2012-01-14 04:25 am (UTC)

[YOU COME OUT. SHE SLAVED AWAY AT YOUR OUTFIT...that included the most cutest overgrown bow on him ever!]

RENREN, how are we suppose to make a impact on people if you don't come out in a...DRAMATIC fashion!

[Spit take goes here]


[He's totally buying it.]

[You missed the transformation sequence though.]

♥That's right, cheri! Beautiful magical girl Renge is on the scene!♥

...Or maybe, Pretty Magical girl would have worked too.
[Oh, she buys it as well sadly enough.]

[Kirby is distracted by all the pretty sparkles on his communicator screen, so he decides to keep watching for a while longer.]

[Consider her dazzled. And amused. And she quite seriously loves that outfit. ...It's pink.]

Oh, how wonderful! Are you going to protect the city from devastation?

[Kaaat, no.]

[Oh, god what's with the adorable pink creatures popping up on her screen!?

Though this one isn't like a gumball though. It's some kinda...bunny, cat type thing or something. Eeeee...

Weird, she feels like she's seen her somewhere before too. Oh, but let's just gush in excitement.]

Kyahhhhh~ Kawaii~ Just so adorable!


I'm give it my all to do so! This city needs some kind of protector!

...Are you guys serious?

What's with that get up?

[So serious that it's painful.]

Of course...!

And I made it! Isn't it fabulous? [You don't have to tell her that it's great. She's so proud of it.]

[Cave watches the entire display, without interruption.]

I don't get it.


What's not to get? I'm a magical pretty girl! Haven't you ever seen one?
[You're asking the wrong person this.]

[He's supposed to be doing work here. The following question is not exactly super mega ultra proton blasting here or anything but-]

.... What is 'moe', if I might inquire, miss?

[Still totally counts as work it's cultural.]

[What's with these people not knowing what MOE is? You all live under a ro--


(Deleted comment)
[What's with you people not knowing what Moe is? Do you live under a rock. Well, let's educate the populace now, eh?]

You know...MOE. It's only the most important word in today's culture. [Well...Otaku culture anyway.]

You can hardly put a definition on it since it's better you FEEL it more than anything, but it's like a a rarefied pseudo-love and heir related embodiments!

Or like a cute girl you just happened to see!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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