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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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The Eighth Scale - [Private/Video/Audio] Locked to Cave.
Saft - I told you I don't need saving!
swordandscales wrote in ink_city
Mr Johnson...?


I've searched up and down, high and low in the city over and over, Caroline doesn't seem to be anywhere and to be honest I'm getting worried.

But don't worry, It's a safe bet she isn't dead, If she was she would have just shown up again at the ink well a few days later.

Hows your search going?

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[Cave take a while to appear on screen, almost as if he's holding the communicator the wrong way. And once he does appear on screen the reason becomes obvious. Cave is a MESS. A drunk, disheveled, mess.]


[Nope, not bothered by his missing assistant. Why even ask?]

Hey, no need to yell! I was only trying to-

[A big sigh, It should have been obvious Cave was going to go and do something like drink himself silly.]

With all respect Cave, I'm sure Caroline wouldn't like seeing you do this to yourself.


[Cave looks around, dizzied and confused, before letting out a hiccup.]

Doin' what? And where's my pants?

I'm only just about two hundred in dragon years Cave, I'm still classed as an infant by my relatives I shouldn't have to be taking care of a grown up human male! And-

[Where ARE his pants? Oh God. He's not wearing pants. Ick, Ick, Ick.]


I'm coming over. AGAIN. If you don't find someway of covering up by the time I'm over there, I'm setting whatever's left of your alchohol on fire and don't think I won't!

[Cave stumbles a bit before he replies.]

That shows you! You CANT burn the booze cuz I already drank all 5 cases!

[Cases? Cases of WHAT Cave, you don't drink beer.]

You're a grown man, I suggest you start acting like one!

[Why are you so annoying Cave? Why? She could be doing other stuff but nooooo. She's busy having to babysit some moronic jerk in his late 40's.]

Caroline is going to owe me. Big time.

Stay put, I'll come over and...[Dare she say it?] Find you some pants.

Shut up you...you...YOUR a grown man. YOUR FACE.

[A loud burp cut off his attempts at witty remarks.]

[This must be what being her uncle feels like, All the time. No wonder he gets so irritated by her behavior. Anyway a short time later, Saft is over at Aperture science labs and angrily making herway inside. Not looking forward to the mess she's probably about to have to clean up shortly.

If this is what Caroline has to do on a regular basis, Saft feels sorry for her now, more than ever.]

Alright, I'm here now. How about you go find yourself some pants and then we can start rethinking things over and work on a new strategy about finding Caroline, hm?

[Saft is greeted be a strange sight indeed. Sticky noted all along the walls, with compiled data on known recent whereabouts of Caroline. Trash everywhere on the floor, except in small angel shaped silhouettes suggesting Cave had made 'garbage angels'.

Whiskey bottles, empty. Scotch bottles, empty. Turpentine bottle, are you serious Cave? Cave. Empty.

Cave himself looked as well as a man could look, having not eaten or slept in days, and keeping himself fueled by the contents of the empty bottles. He was unshaven, and wearing his usual attire, minus pants. He was wearing boxers at least, with comical red hearts on them.]

I tried that already. I tried everything. EVERYTHING.

[His voice is bitter with anger and resentment.]

[Whoa, This is obviously alot worse than she thought it was. The man's practicly gone mad searching for Caroline and being only human, not having any real means of tracking her down without any special abilities like she or some of the other members of the city? That's got to be rough.

Carefully treading over some of the garbage on the floor, Saft heads on over towards him, She doesn't have pants with her but she still has something of his he let her borrow some time ago.]

Mr Johnson? Here...You let me borrow this just around Christmas.

[That's right, It's the jacket he let her borrow to help keep her from the cold that one night. She throws it to him, hoping he'll take the hint and cover himself up.]

And even then, you still managed to be a total jerk to me regarding something very personal. But even despite all that I'm still willing to help you out...

I'd be doing more or less the exact same thing in your position if I'd lost someone I care about. So I'm gonna follow his example and take care of you for a little while.

How about I go run you a bath or something and whilst you go clean yourself up I clean up around here huh?

[Cave looks at the jacket confused?]

I am already WEARING a jacket! What am I supposed to do with this!? I don't need a damn jacket I need--

[Cave looks as though he's about to go on an angry tirade, but suddenly pulls an emotional 180. He trails off, and with a sigh, he slumps his shoulders.]

I'm gonna go.

[To clean himself up? Of course not. He's going to the bedroom. It's also his workspace. Apparently he feels like sciencing over doing whatever it was you said, Safty.]

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[Well whatever, as long as he hasn't got any booze stored away in there and keeping out of trouble that suits her just fine. Saft looks at the mess around her and sighs.]

Welp, guess this mess isn't going to clean itself up...

I wonder where Cave keeps his trash bags?

[She's going to start rummaging around for a little while until she finds them and pick up the mess, Of course if she was back home this sort of mess could easily be sorted out by her Uncle's magic - then again that sort of thing he wouldn't encourage at all, So it'd have to be good old fashioned manual labour for now.]

[And the silence was broken. Loud noises, crashing, grinding, hissing, all coming from Cave's location.]

[Not good!

Cue the faithful dragon girl rushing on over to his room to make sure he hasn't hurt himself or something stupid like that.]

Cave, what's going on?!

[The room is in a similar disarray to the other, with perhaps a greater emphasis on sticky notes.

Cave's...welding? Welding. Drunk. And without pants. He's at least taken the time to put safety goggles on. He doesn't say anything, but whatever he's working on, it looks important. The machine is glowing with an odd white blue tint, instead of the orange welding usually produces.

Cave doesn't even take a moment to explain himself, simply continuing to work on the project.]

Earth to Mr. Johnson? Hello...?

[Not MORE mess, Ugh, Why couldn't she be one of those Disney princessy types and have all her adorable cute animal friends come and help her out with this mess?]

Helloooo? Anyone there? [Ooh weird shiny doohickey, what does that do? She's going to reach out at his project.] Hey, that looks sort of nifty, what is it?

[Not the best move. Cave flips OUT, grabbing the dragon girl by the wrist.]


[Cave pushes the girl back, not hard enough to knock her off balance, but enough to give himself some space. Then, as quickly as the panic attack began, it ended. Cave went right back to a completely lucid and focused state, working on the device again. Really, with the welding equipment, we're just lucky Cave didn't burn the building down. AGAIN.

Hey! Not so rough! I get it, it's important!

[She snatches her wrist back and rubs at it with her other hand, In all honesty Cave, you're majorly freaking her out right now.]

Won't touch the big scary sciency thing again just so long as you tell me what it is and why you're working on it when you need to be resting.

[Cave stops working on the machine, turning off his torch.]

Hmm? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in. This is just a little side project. Caroline said it would be important, so...here I am.

[Cave speaks as though this is his first time seeing the dragon today, small fits of giggles during his speech. Erratic behavior? Why would you say that?]

Okay and when exactly did she say that? She's not here remember.

[She's sort of curious to know what will happen if she tries messing with it again. And she's worried about Cave's strange behavior - if this is how drunk people act, she's never going near alchohol.] What does it do?

[And Cave goes back to work.]

She sent me a communication, short. Refused to tell me her location. Said this might be important.

[On that word, refused, Cave visibly shakes with anger, the lit blowtorch shaking with him.]

As for the device, it does...things.

[Part of Cave's reluctance to explain was because he didn't believe the dragon would understand. The other part is that this was Aperture tech, and he's not gonna explain squat to a non-employee.]

So wait, You had contact from her and never even told me?! Or anyone for that matter, Cave we could have found her by now, what's the hold-up?

[So much frustration. Gawd Cave you could have saved alot of hassle if you had just told her sooner about this.]

Look, if you're worried that I'm not going to understand, don't be. I've seen alot of weird and disturbing things back home. Nothing you do or tell me is going to phase me sir.

[Action] TL;DR, apologies.

She refused to tell me where she was. She REFUSED. She may not want to BE found. And the message was live. And coded. There's no recording, or record of it. I tried. For a VERY LONG TIME.

[His face twists into an upset sneer. He takes a long moment before continuing. The only sound of work, filling the room. Eventually, his face softens back to an emotionless state.]

As for the device... It runs on a power source beyond the limits of basic human understanding. It's purpose is to change the very fabric of space-time, allowing me to hopefully manipulate the underlying principles of physics at will.

[Cave takes another moment. The only sound is of work, filling the room. He continues in a monotone voice.]

If I make a mistake in building this, it will likely unmake the foundations of our reality. Probably several others as well.

The most likely scenario involves it super accelerating particles fast enough that they create miniature black holes, after which we would undergo a process known as spaghettification. The mass making up our bodies would be forcibly driven through an opening no bigger than a dime.

Another likely possibility involves the device letting out such a huge amount of radiation that it unmakes the molecular bonds that hold us together, reducing us, and the entire planetary body containing us, to vapor.

[Another moment. No change in expression. No change in tone. He might as well be talking about paint drying. The only sound is of his work, filling the room.]

This would happen quickly, of course. Our nervous systems wouldn't even have the time to tell our brains that it hurt. I don't know why she wants me to build this thing, or why she didn't simply tell me where she was, but this is all she told me to do. Build this. I will need it.

[He stops talking. No more words. No more emotion. Just a man, and his task. The only sound is of his work, filling the room.]

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