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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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2nd Command // Megatron // Action/Video
smirk or sneer
robonecromancer wrote in ink_city
[Feed opens to Megatron at the well, standing, looking pompous as the norm.]

Hello, puny inhabitants of this disgusting cesspool. I am known as Lord Megatron. You may refer to me as your new master. If you disagree, allow me to show you the results of defiance.

[The focus of the video changes to the contents in his hand. A relatively young woman, with short brown hair and who has clearly seen better days. The sleeve of her left arm is gone, still fashioned as a sling on the left side. Her right leg is swollen, a clumsy brace still attached to the ankle.]

This weak, pathetic thing had the gall to refuse me tribute, among many other crimes, and she has been punished over the course of her stay with me. Even now, she continues to defy me. And there is only one response to such insolence.

[And so, Megatron punts the poor Caroline to the ground not unlike a football, following up with a sickening stomp.]

And when she exits the well, she will return to my ship for further punishment. Do all you peons understand the game we are playing now?

[Cave looks at his screen, glued to the viewing. He doesn't move. He doesn't react. Quite frankly, he doesn't know HOW. He just...looks on, mortified. After a long moment of nothing, Cave stands, grabbing the machine Caroline instructed him to build. There had been no test runs, but what was science without danger? He runs in the hope of grabbing his assistant back from the hands of this foul metal giant.]

[Rage is a small word compared to what Freeman feels at the moment. Flashbacks to Eli's death...City 17. Gordon follows Cave, scanning the machine and, withholding any compliments for later. The phrase, "Vorsicht, nicht jeder hier so wehrlos, wie ihr" echo in his mind; he'd taken on the Combine and made them fear him. This Megatron would be no different.]

Sir, your orders.

[Optimus is there before the death even takes place. Actually, as soon as he sees Caroline in his grasp, he hurries to the fountain, optics narrowing. And as soon as he arrives...


If Optimus wasn't angry before, he is now.]


[Megatron smiles at the arrival of his hated nemesis.]

Ah, Prime. To what do I owe the pleasure? Do you simply prefer your entertainment live?

[As he speaks, Megatron scrapes his foot along the ground, as though ridding it of some FILTH he happened to step on.]

[While Blurr wasn't exactly a human's #1 fan, he never wanted any of them KILLED. Unfortunately he's in the wrong place at the wrong time as he sees the whole event take place.

And he's frozen in shock.]

[Yeah, um...orange-suited human says what. And distracting Megatron]

Agent Blurr?

[Then he notices JUST HOW BIG IS MEGATRON]

...You son of a-!

[The Lombax does not look happy. But a smirk spreads over his face before he finishes that insult.]

Evil robot with quests of organic domination. You're about as original as a burned Holo-vid. What's wrong? Can't come up with actually unique evil plans?

[Megatron is not amused.]

Do I need to, rodent?

[Kirby was so totally shocked when he saw the big robot kick the girl on his communicator screen]

HEY! That's not very nice!

[Ariel couldn't even begin to comprehend what she witnessed as her eyes were wide in shock.. She's never seen something so horrendous. How could anyone be so cruel?]

T-that's...that's HORRIBLE. How...how...could you....

[Megatron cocks his head to the side at the inquiry.]

How? Well, you just saw it, didn't you? I just threw her to the ground and...

[Megatron stomps on the ground.]

[He kinda takes it all in passively. Watching a woman crushed here doesn't seem to faze him very much.]

Huh...I have to say I'm not convinced, you just seem like..I dunno, you're not taking everything into consideration.

[He scratches his head.]

Actually, I'm pretty sure you've forgotten a few factors in your calculations.

[Megatron is vaguely amused by the small young creature, trying to tell him of calculations.]

Oh? Do go on.

[It..it definitely took Ema a moment to recognize that this poor woman was Caroline. She looked so battered and bruised to the point where it was just so inhumane to do this to anyone, especially a woman. You know, she thought Trevor was terrible at kidnapping people against their will. Her muscles tensed at the scene of her body just being stomped on by his large metal monster.

But this...this was just low. She wished she didn't have to suffer from such a awful fate like this. Sure, people will eventually spawn back here, but it didn't make it right at all. And how Phoenix's psyche had seemed to strain with this kind of shit it just made her blood boil.]

So, do as you say or suffer the consequences then?

[Megatron grins in response.]

But of course. And who said you small minded humans were incapable of listening?

[Oh no, you did not just do what she thinks you just did.

Congratulations, Megatron. You've just set the record in pissing her off.

Have a furious looking pink thing glaring at you through the communicator.]

You monster. How dare you?

No, how dare it. That thing had the audacity to refuse to kneel. And it paid the price. As will all who do the same.

[Derpstorm here is more than a little horrified at what he's seeing.]

Y-you will not be getting away with this badness thing!

[Holy slag. Seeing a human die like that... is kinda terrifying.]

[Megatron raises an eyebrow.]

Oh. Would that mean you're not only disobeying me...but defecting?

[Hey, congrats Jetstorm. For a brief, fleeting moment, Megatron wants you dead more than Optimus Prime. Congratulations!]


No robot does that to Caroline, not even herself GLaDOS.

One AI was fine. This beast? Challenge accepted. ]


I'm afraid I cannot read minds, so I have no idea whether you have a deathwish or not. If you do, I'm more than prepared to comply.

Edited at 2012-01-15 04:34 am (UTC)



Did you really have to go that far? What a waste.

Mindless violence only gets you fear, don't you know?

Edited at 2012-01-15 04:19 am (UTC)

[Megatron arches an eyebrow.]

Yes, that would be the point. Are you not aware?

[Oh hey guess who's late to the party! The one non-Decepticon that didn't seem to mind serving your interests Megs.]

[For how long, it probably was impossible to tell, but the small drone had been sitting on it's favorite perch near the Well, watching the whole show. It probably would have questioned the Decepticon Lord on the necessity of all this violence when Caroline clearly was of little worth in the long run, but Cabrakan didn't want it's puppet body to get punched out by a large metal fist. It had taken quite a bit of subversive luring to get enough material for it.]

[Megatron looks over at the creature in annoyance, after having dealt with wave after wave of enemies.]

Did you not pledge loyalty to me? And yet you sit, not so much as thinking to INTERCEPT a single being. Were you not capable of defending this point, or are you simply inept?

[... welp

She wasn't quite sure what to think, frankly. She certainly knew it wasn't shock or disgust, but it was some negative emotion, floating around in there. On any other occasion, a scathing comment might have come slithering out of the communicator. Thankfully, a few layers of steel, dirt and concrete was not enough to make GLaDOS feel particularly invincible.

... I hope you have a decent cleaner up there. I know for a fact that bile tends to stain.

[So yeah, that woman you just smushed? Now imagine someone sucked out every bit of emotion and warmth and humanity of her and then decided auto-tuning her voice would make her sound more welcoming.

That's what this is.

[Megatron responds with just as little concern for his actions.]

No need for cleaning. I simply...

[Meg grinds his foot into the ground, the regular response to stepping in filth.]

And no more mess. Very efficient.