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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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[Video] Concept 9/Blik ; Locked to Cave, Caroline, and Blurr
{Fallen from home}
blkmsatraveller wrote in ink_city
[This video is being filmed just before he arrives at his home.]

Miss Caroline, Mr. Johnson, and Agent Blurr; I hope you all got out all right.

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[ Caroline answers Cave's communicator, slowly moving away from what looked like a bed room. Her voice is low and quiet as if hoping not to wake him. ]

Hello? Can I help you?

Oh I apologize...I meant to check on his status, make sure he went home safe.

...You must be Caroline.

Yes. Mr. Johnson has been sleeping. It doesn't look like he'll be waking up any time soon. Thank you for your concern. Is there a message I could take in the meantime?

[smiles a little]

Tell him the Black Mesa lackey sends regards. He was desperate enough to save you to ask for my company's help. You're a lucky lady.

[ She stops then, deciding to sit down for this. ]

Black Mesa?
You're from Black Mesa, and he asked you for help on his project?

I know and I already got ragged about it. But he needed back up and I wanted to make things right.

I understand that there were extenuating circumstances, and I appreciate any effort to help in my rescue. How...however, I need to know how much of the project you saw.

[ It's clear that she's doing her best to stay calm and polite about the whole thing, but there was budding annoyance and perhaps even anger under the surface. ]

[Blurr had had quite a hard time getting back out of the water, to say the least. Wheels don't work as well as jets when it comes to upward propulsion, so he had to climb up the pier's support beam, hoping it wouldn't snap in half before that hand reaches out of the murky water and onto the pier. Once he pulled himself up, he heard the call, quickly answering it despite being completely out of breath.]

No sign of Megatron...I believe he has moved on...where...are you..?

The front door of my lab. Sorry I couldn't find a crane.

[No need to apologize, Gordon, he needed the exercise anyway.]


[Slow down, spaz case, you're still out of breath.]

At least you made it to your area of residence in one piece!

You're welcome for a tune-up any time.

[That piques his interest. The water was starting to freeze around his circuitry a bit...it'd help if someone got all that out of him.]

You would do that?

[No strings attached?]

I'll try my best. [none whatsoever]

Where exactly is your home, Dr. Freeman?

[Wow, he's warming up to you quite nicely.]

First warehouse on the Pier district. Big red metal doors.

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