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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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sixth lantern | seperation anxiety | action/video/audio/whathaveyou
illuminarian wrote in ink_city

[ It's been a couple of days, and while the thief wasn't exactly wont to go running off without warning for days, but this had been the absolute last straw for her. It'd been nearly a week, and she searched, scanned the talking box, and first and foremost, worried. The various audios and videos have depicted all sorts of things on her end, from nearly tearing apart the tower, to nervous chattering with Pascal about where he might be, where they haven't checked yet. Finally it's come down to using the comm itself, possibly as a cry for help. Maybe the world was just split again? Maybe. Hopefully. And she was just in color this time. And he would be there on the other end, in black and white. The blacks of her pupils and her eyelashes didn't offer much reassurance.
Still, she hopes to hear his voice on the other end. Behold, Inky City, the sunspot's dimmer than usual, with a face that's seen wider, less nervous smiles, and much more bright and cheerful eyes, not ones that have tears brimming on the edge. ]


...Where are you?

ooc: back with rapunzel! if you have anything that I dropped before christmas and would like to pick it back up, by all means, please tell me! blondie had some great threads going, and i wouldn't mind finishing any of them.

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[Optimus can sense the vulnerability in her voice, trying to make his voice as soft as possible.]

Miss Rapunzel...Your guardian is missing?

No! No, I mean, no, he's----my husband, I---

[ Being the first time she's really admitted it. ]

He's missing, and I can't find him!

[video] They had to meet at some point


Are you looking for someone?
[She seemed worried about something. Well it did to her. It sounded how she could get but still tried to be calm too.]

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Yes! Yes, I---I'm looking for a man, he's...he's tall, with usually a blue vest, and brown hair?

Have you seen him at all?

Hm...I don't think I have. Sorry...
[She wishes she could be of more help to you.]

But, I'm sure he's probably somewhere in the city still, right? If he's lost it might not hurt to go looking for him.

[Concerned Don is concerned, he flips on the communicator.]

Who's Eugene?

Eugene's---Uh, well, you might know him by the name Flynn, I...I'm not sure.

But! H-He's my husband, and---and I can't find him! He disappeared and I just---

[ All the sads. ]

I don't know if he's okay or not...

[Oh, what a pretty girl on the window vision thingy! She even kind of looks like she might've come from Slouchy's world.]

Hey, are you a princess? Do you know King Gerard?

[Don't mind him; hopeful Smurf is hopeful.]

[ Hang on, she's suddenly shocked at Slouchy's appearance for a moment. He's blue? But he didn't look like Megamind...He looked smaller! ]

I-I'm supposed to be, but...I don't know any Kings.

[Yeah, he's much smaller. And people are always surprised at first -- Smurfs are supposed to be a myth, after all.]

Aw, rats! I smurfed maybe some one from where I come from might be here...

[Disappoint :c]

[Oh dear. That certainly doesn't sound good now does it. Have a concerned Crmsn looking at you from the other end.]

Hey there, Rapunzel, you alright?

[Of course she isn't, but he's going to ask anyways, because you have to ask the obvious questions sometimes.]

[ All the panicking! ]

No, No---I-I can't find Eugene, and I'm worried, that something, you know, happened to him...

Okay sweetie, first calm down alright? Think you can do that?

[He kept his voice even and calm, and smiled gently at her.]

I'm sure Eugene is alright. He's a capable guy right?

[Oh gosh, she sounds worried.]

Your gene is missing?

[Despite his terrible lack of listening, he looks concerned.]

[video] okay, almost had my drink go out my nose i lol'd.

[ And looks as though she's about to cry. ]

Eugene, he's---

Yeah, I-I can't find him. You haven't seen him, have you?

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