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Fourth Chronicle [Shadow] (so...kinda private video?)
kraakhan wrote in ink_city
[Makuta browses through the signals of his communicator that day, and he happens upon the altercation involving Caroline and Megatron. Needless to say, he's intrigued by the events, but he also pays close attention to Megatron. Another shadowy, villainous looking character, just like they said. Could he bear some connection to Soundwave? Quite possibly. So Makuta waits, and he waits, until Megatron no longer has any enemies bearing down upon him, and is sufficiently relaxed enough to talk to. Then, Makuta spreads his influence through the absence of light, over the city, until he finds the one he's looking for.

[When Megatron is in a fairly quiet location, without people attacking him, and hopefully not doing anything important, he hears a voice coming from the nearest large patch of shadow.]


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Apologies for the wait.

[Megatron looks over to Makuta, fairly agitated at his failed plans. He draws his blade, as no one has yet come to him with anything other than rebellion.]

What to I owe the pleasure of this visit?

Re: Apologies for the wait.

[A pair of blood red eyes appear in the shade, apparently belonging to the shade itself.]

"I am the Makuta. And you must be the mighty lord Megatron. Tell me, do you by any chance know of a being named Soundwave?"

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[Megatron raises an eyebrow, blade still at the ready, still poised to destroy this being if necessary.]

He would be my chief of communications. What of it?

[Makuta struggled to ignore the irony of Silent Jim being in charge of communications]

"We met once, when I made my first broadcast through the communicator. He didn't happen to mention me?"

"Well, in any case, I told him I'd be interested in speaking with his associates. When I saw your broadcast with the broken human, I knew that I must speak with you. And so, Lord Megatron... I offer my services."

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[Megatron put his blade away with a smile. This, he understood. The weaker obeying the stronger. All is right with the world.]

And what do you think you can provide me, to make so bold an offer?

"I 'think' nothing. I am to dark forces as you and your kin are to metal. I can bend storms and shadows to my whim, ignite fear and anger in the hearts of the weak, and command the beasts too wild to ever tame."

[By now, Megatron is probably thinking "You can do all this, so why do you want to bow to me? What's stopping you from going off on your own, attacking this world, and inevitably being beaten by me?" Well, if that's what he's thinking, Makuta has him covered:"]

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"...and yet...I am a stranger in a strange land....alone, and without purpose. I know that servitude to you will give me the focus in existence I require, so that I may not be a mere force of nature."

[ AH. The being was looking for a purpose. A noble pursuit. And what greater purpose is there than the Decepticon struggle? None, that's what.]

I understand. If you pledge your undying loyalty to me, then I shall extend to you all my mercy.

"Then I pledge it with all my heart. In the words of the elders of my land, 'Unity...Duty...Destiny.'"

Do you have AIM? Would like to plot a bit if possible.

[Megatron nods, as if accepting this.]

Now go. I will send for you when the moment arises. You will not be waiting long.

I'm trying to set it up right now. I have Skype if that's any help.

"I count on it."

[And with that, the eyes fade away in the shadow.]

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