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Ink City - The Animated Panfandom RPG

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In which our smurfy hero remembers he's still homeless...[video]
ihavearedshirt wrote in ink_city
[Slouchy's just been kind of hiding in small, smurf-sized places for the past couple weeks. He hasn't yet wandered near enough to the forest to discover the fact that his house is magically here now as well, so he's been relying on the survival skills the other Smurfs have taught him since he arrived.

But...With it so cold and the ominous looking clouds that have begun to gather, he's getting a bit worried and finally thinking that maybe he should seek more permanent shelter.

The window vision thingy, he's realized, is the best way to reach all of his new friends and ask for help.

Right about now, your screen should be flickering to life, with a small blue face appearing on it.]

Um, hi guys? It's been kinda cold and looks like it's getting ready to snow more...

Has any one seen a good sized mushroom around? I need to smurf myself a house.

[He looks kind of worried. And hopeful. And worriedly hopeful.

Some one wanna smurf the poor kid out?]

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(Deleted comment)
My house is still back in Smurf Village. Why would it be here?

(Deleted comment)

[He must've missed that one.]

I haven't seen my house anywhere...

And if it is here, where will the other Smurflings live?? They're still in the village.

(Deleted comment)
If you haven't seen a mushroom with a door, windows and a swing outside, then yeah, I need a place to stay.

The weather's not looking very smurfy...

(Deleted comment)
That would be pretty smurfy, thanks.

...How do I get there?

(Deleted comment)
I haven't gone too far away from the ink pot thingy.

Papa says it's not good to move too much when you're lost, in case some one is looking for you.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, I'll stay put.

[Right now, Slouchy's found a spot sort of out of the snow, huddled up at the side of a building. It's not adequate by any means, but it does block some of the wind.

At the sound of Hisame's voice, he waves a little.]

Over here!

[Did you realize how tiny he is? He could probably fit in your pocket :3]

(Deleted comment)
[He sighs; that's something he hears often, especially from his friends.]

I'm two apples tall...Like I'm supposed to be.

I just look smaller 'cause I slouch.

(Deleted comment)
...It's not your fault.

[He stuffs his hands in his pockets, looking up.]

I'm Slouchy, by the way. Slouchy Smurfling.

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(Deleted comment)
Slouchy, Mushrooms are nothing but trouble, I'd stay away from them. But hey if you need somewhere to stay, I'm sure Crmsn won't mind if you stayed with me.

It's plenty warm.

But...Every one in Smurf Village lives in a mushroom house. They're really smurfy, except when they get stepped on by humans.

And thanks for the offer, but Hisame already came to get me.

Oops, my bad.

Well as long as you're going to be safe. [She smiles at the smurf.] Has everything been alright for you otherwise? I realise Ink City isn't exactly the most safest of places right now.

It's okay here...There's lots of interesting people, for sure. But I miss my friends.

And the snow? Yeah, pretty dangerous. We don't go out as much in the winter, 'cause we're small.

And sometimes I worry about getting stepped on, too.

It's dangerous for me too, I mean sure I've been out in it quite alot but as long as I'm not out in it for too long it's not a problem.

Don't worry Slouchy, I wouldn't let anyone step on you, if they did they'd get a rather grouchy white dragon snapping at their heels.

Would you get frozen?

[Here's a worried face.]

Papa says we shouldn't stay out long, because we could get lost and, yeah...

[He smiles a little; that's good to know!]

Thanks. It's nice to know a friendly dragon. Most of 'em back home aren't very nice.

Oh believe me she's reallllly friendly.

[And talking to you right now, Not that you know about it however, Saft hasn't shared that little detail with you just as of yet.]

[Hey, he wouldn't be surprised if she had a pet dragon. That's kind of a somewhat normal thing back home.]

...Are you a wizard? Most of the dragons in the forest hang out with wizards.

[Smurfling Logic states: If you know a dragon, then you MUST be a wizard.]

Not exactly, I mean I know a tiny little bit magic, But I'm not allowed to use it without supervision.

My uncle's a better magic user than I am.

What would you say if I told you that I was a dragon?

I would say you don't look very much like a draon.

Okay well...

How about now?


[That there is a dragon!]

Woah! Yeah, now you definitely look like a dragon! That's a amazing!

[Awed!Smurfling is awed.]


[Aww well now she's not THAT amazing but any admiration shown her way, she's gonna soak it all up because well any chance to show off to someone is always fun and sure to put her in a happier mood.]

[Slouchy is not magical at all and has no apptitude for learning magic, like some of the other Smurfs. Therefore, to him, she IS amazing.]

You're welcome.

[There's a pause.]

...Can you fly?

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