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2nd Report Filed /voice, locked to Blurr/
scienderp wrote in ink_city
[Oh Blurr? Someone heard about what happened at the well. Specifically what happened with you at the well.

He doesn't mean to be nosey in your life but-

no wait yes he does

Blurr? Are you there? Are you alright?

[The tone is quiet, as firm as he can manage, but there's a faint quaver in the back that suggests he's a lot less calm than he sounds right now.]

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[Just...give him a moment, Skyfire. He was in the middle of pulling himself out of that water, as...-SHOCKINGLY-, robots sink! You might hear slight garble as the water drains out of his comm link, followed by some panting.]

Sir Skyfire sir!

[Some grunts follow, as he pulls himself onto that pier.]

[That garble doesn't make him feel any better, Blurr. Though he relaxes slightly as the little bot answers]

I heard what happened... Blurr, are you alright? Do you need my help down there? Where are you?



I leapt into the water trying to protect a human and myself from Lord Megatron I myself am fine I just had trouble getting back up to the pier did you know that wheels cannot help you underwater sadly I figured this out the hard way and just spent the last three hours trying to find a way out of the water and just SUCCEEDED NOW!

[Pant. Pant.]

I the pier...

[Catching his breath.]

[Goddamnit... He should have been there. AT LEAST HE COULD HAVE HELPED YOU OUT OF THE WATER OR SOMETHING.]

I'll be there shortly.

[Considering the temperature of the air? You'll freeze over soon, Blurr. And he is not okay with that]

[Oh right, freezing. That was a bad sign. He could feel himself getting more rigid by the second.]

Please hurry...

[The roar of jets overhead soon afterwards heralded his arrival. He wasn't kidding when he said shortly, Blurr.

The jet transformed in the air, the rockets aligning to his back to allow him to land gently not too far away from Blurr.

... You look like a mess, kiddo. He doesn't say anything. Just a gesture. He wants to check the agent to make sure there was nothing damaged before he started asking any more questions.

[Thankfully, the frozen circuits seem to be the biggest problem. Aside from that, a bit of worn out wheels and some seaweed here and there...]

Skyfire sir...!

[The relief was obvious as he moved quickly to Blurr, going to kneel as soon as he reached him and placing both hands on the smaller bots shoulders.


Because he's gonna pull you in for a hug that's why. THIS IS FOR YOU, BLURR

When I heard you met Megatron in the field... I had assumed the worst...

[Oh snap! HUG. He's getting used to this affection thing now, curling slightly into the large bot.]

He was far too fast I am...

[Still trying to act like the adult, Blurr?]

[There's a soft rumble as the engines kick in, generating heat for the two of them. Mostly for Blurr though, Skyfire wasn't the one here who went swimming after all.]

It makes no difference. If he'd swung at the right time, if he'd managed to even touch you...

[There's worse things than death out there, Blurr.]

I'd never forgive myself.

[He doesn't want to think about that, Skyfire.]

It wouldn't be your fault, sir Skyfire sir!

[Oh...that feels nice.]

Not...your fault...

[Neither does he but here he is!]

It wouldn't matter.

[He'd think it's his fault because he wasn't there. He doesn't want you dead, Blurr!]

I should.... however... be praising you for your bravery. You helped save a life after all.

[Well, kept her from being tortured and killed a second time, rather, but the fact is you still saved a human.]

[Human? Did he mean...?]

So you saw him too?



...We are talking of Dr. Freeman are we not?

I thought that it was a young woman by the name of Caroline that you assisted.

[OH. The Aperture lady.]

I believe we assisted her, however I had no part in rescuing her in the least...!

No? ... I see...

... Then who is Dr. Freeman?

[As Blurr curls into the hug a bit more, he tries to remember.]

He is a human that I have met...and he is unlike the others I have met here, Sir Skyfire! He is...nice.

[He keeps the engine going, settling on the ground now to sit]

Is he?

I have found... most humans tend to be nice. I am pleased that you have finally met one that shows this trait.

What can you tell me about him?

His name is Dr. Freeman and he is part of a company called Black Mesa which is Aperture's rival company I am assuming from their world he is a middle aged male with glasses and a beard along with an orange suit of armor that helps him breathe underwater and he is actually quite polite! He is also a scientist from what he tells me.

[So...a human equivalent of you, sans the beard and orange suit.]

[He doesn't know what Aperture is but he'll keep that in mind! He listens quietly, nodding after Blurr was finished... and then perking up at the mention of 'scientist']

Oh is he? Do you know his exact field of study? Where he lives? Ah... perhaps it would be better if I contacted him first...

[Good boy, you've figured out that a lot of people might not like a strange giant robot sitting outside their window]

[Blurr tries to recall anything he can while he thaws out, wracking his neuralnetwork for anything Gordon might have said.]

I think Physicist?

A physicist? Perhaps he could help with the issue of escape, then...

[Why yes, he will hold a human in that high of a regard, thank you very much. He takes a moment to look over Blurr again, really unable to help his nervousness.]

I should like to speak with him at some time... I'll make a note to do so.

I believe I can arrange that sir Skyfire sir! He seems to be quite fond of me and I do believe I could ask him next time we meet if he would like to meet an Autobot scientist!

[It's the least he can do for how many times you've saved his butt.]

That would be wonderful. Thank you, Blurr.

[He tries to gauge the smaller bots temperature before finally asking]

How do you feel? Well enough to walk? You should find a place that will accommodate you...

[Engines are nice and all but you need a place to stay if you haven't found one, Blurr]

[Blurr tests his legs out, wheels slowly turning and breaking off the last of that ice.]

I am feeling much better now, Sir Skyfire!

...However I currently do not have a place to stay other than the cathedral which while it is a nice cathedral I'm afraid Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and I are not all going to fit in there along with the other residents such as the minuscule inhabitants that the cathedral belongs to therefore I mostly just recharge outside which has become quite difficult and not to mention a drain on my Energon reserves if I do say so myself.

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