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[Action] Return of Miah ; locked to Optimus
{Fallen from home}
blkmsatraveller wrote in ink_city
[This...this was against his whole principle of neutrality he'd been planning on but if anyone deserved some truth, it was the leader of the Autobot that had protected him during the Megatron incident. Less than twenty-four hours after arriving and he'd already kicked the hornet's nest three times. He shouldn't have let his own spite let slip a secret known only to the DoD contracts. And now, he HAD to answer for it with Optimus. He was dressed in a slightly ragged and oversized tuxedo, carrying a bottle of cheap wine for his dinner with Mr. Johnson and Miss Caroline. Sitting on the pier, he noticed that he rather enjoyed the waterfront.]

What I'm going to tell you...Stays with us.

[After this, he was going to shut up. Revert to his mute defense mechanism. No more talking, like a good little soldier...lackey.]

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[Optimus stands at the pier with him, overlooking the waterfront as the human speaks. He was fortunate the man had come at all, and would not shame him if he had wished to stay neutral. His ear pieces swivel as Gordon speaks, adjusting so he could hear him as clear as day.]</small>

Understood. I will hold such secrets to my grave.

It's a well-known rumor that GLaDOS was based on cutting-edge brain-mapping technology. In order to make the perfect test and laboratory administrator, the scientists in Aperture needed a capable example.

This required a human brain, fully functional, to lay the groundwork of the Personality and Behavior Cortex Syntax and Operating Programming.

[All said while fixing his tie.]

I can't say exactly what happened but this fact is true: Miss Caroline was probably the subject used for such a procedure. The problem is that it was under Mr. Johnson's orders that she be forced into the system.

I saw how fiercely Cave and Caroline protected each other. That command was a betrayal and it essentially doomed her to unwillingly live forever. I'm asking not let either of them know of this. But, as a plus, at least you know GLaDOS' origin.

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