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first calamity | video + action | black on white.
[ The feed opens in on a black, crackly haze, and there's not much to be seen beyond the wisps of smoke and black dust. Someone's definitely making a grand enterance. If you're so fortunate to be around, plumes of black and blue and gray spill out the sides of the fountain, encircling it like a fog, contrasting against the snow's pure look. Bad omen? Try bad omens. Sooner or later, the crown of a woman's heart shaped head emerges, tossing back her weightless hair, and smoothing the ink out of it. Well. It was no Tartarus, nor was it a Syracuse. Or the mortal realm at all. Not hers at least. Yellow lined eyes peek through the thick smoke, and the woman pulls herself from the fountain, taking a seat on the side. Formless from the waist down, the rest of her body blends into the thick black. She chuckles darkly, reaching for the small device near her resting place. Her visage is finally visible to all who view, as the fog gathers back into the fountain, and around her unseen feet. ]

My, my. Isn't this going to be fun?

ooc: check this sexy permissions post out! if you have anything you don't wish Eris to be doing (running around as your character's clone, impersonation, wisping, teleporting (which will be very limited.) etc, please post here!

[Action/Video] Haunted Dancehall
{Blood on my hands}
[ A lone man stands in the pier, before he starts running again. He's quick to take out his crowbar and scan the area for any enemies. If Ravenholm and Nova Prospekt have taught him, trust no one and keep moving. The device is rather cumbersome to hold while sprinting so he rummages any trash he can to find a discarded handbag, anything to stuff it into and leave his hands free for any situation. But before he eventually does so, he does leave one video message.]

To anyone who can see this, this is Dr. Gordon Freeman, uh, Black Mesa. If you're friendly, I'm at the Pier. Not friendly, I will not hesitate in shooting to kill. Any Black Mesa or Aperture Science employees out there...I'll be waiting. And Aperture Science...I apologize for my company's misbehavior.

[The video stops and the understandably paranoid man runs up any abandoned building. He can't feel the G-man here, but he can never let his guard down.]

Kirby comes to Ink City! [Action]
[A pink blob plopped from the InkWell and down to the ground. The blob had seemed to grow stubs for arms and large red feet. "It" then hopped up to a standing position, revealing a cute face; wide ellipse-shaped eyes, small mouth, and red-pink blush. The pink puffball looked around himself, somewhat confused.]
Huh? Where am I?
I'm hungry. Is there food here?
[Kirby looked side from side one more time before wandering off in a random direction.]


Eight didn't mean to wander so far into the woods, he was just doing what One told him to do! Which was scouting, something he does remarkably well for someone who is only ten inches tall. Sadly his sense of direction was turned around at some point and now he has no idea where he is or what he's supposed to do.

So he does the only thing that makes sense: Try to contact One. Lucky for him he has his communicator right? The only problem is that he's not 100% sure how to use it... despite being in Ink City for quite some time already. He places the communicator down and reaches for the button... only to pause just for a moment. One isn't here... and no one else will see. So... maybe he could? He hasn't used it for a while, doing it just this once won't hurt right?

He shakes away those tempting thoughts and tries to figure out how to contact One without letting everyone else know.

Needless to say, he kind of fails.


I think I'm lost.

[Points for effort?]

[There appears to be a peculiar snowman just standing in one of the city's sidewalks. For some reason it's wearing, erm, headphones? Well that's just dumb, snowmen don't have ears.

Even stranger, the closer you may approach it, the bigger its coal smile seems to get. But again, that's dumb. You're obviously just seeing things.



Butterfly 04 [Voice]
Masking a smile
My, my the weather is changing rather drastically isn't it? The snow seems to be getting heavier these days.

I hope everyone had a very pleasant Christmas here. I'm sure it's hard being away from loved ones all the time. Especially when holidays come and go like the wind. It's strange...I didn't feel too indifferent here than I would be at home. It was just as quiet even then... Hmm...I wonder if I'm starting to get a little too use to this place.

With a new year, I hope everyone set better goals for themselves. I'm hoping this city and some of the other people in it aren't too hostile. It's very unnerving to see acts of random violence. Which, reminds me...if any of you know Feenie-- Phoenix Wright. Please be mindful of him and don't give him such a hard time. It seems like he's been through quite an ordeal here lately.
[The sound of her voice was soft and tender as it usually was. There was a brief pause before she spoke again.]

...not to say a lot of you would cause trouble for him, but I think it would be in anyone's good interest not to cause him any strain. It's nothing one couldn't discuss over a nice cup of tea, right? Though, cocoa seems to be very appropriate for this type of weather.

Oh, Kay, Maya...we should have some soon.

TV broadcast #2
[It's that time again! The TVs are broadcasting and there's no stopping them. Cartoons galore!
However, you may notice some.. familiar faces among them.]

Turn up the TV..Collapse )

Fashion decided by Swans. (14th) :: Video/Action
And I don't feel safe anymore (!)

[The communicator turns on to show a happily defused Shiro; though the outfit she's wearing seems to cause her to itch.]

Swanna...I know you have good intentions about getting me this. But don't you think this is a little much, even for the winter? [In her defense, the tank top and short shorts were usually worn all year round. Shiro did get warm very easily...

The question makes Swanna squawk in reply; she thinks it looks good!
Plus, in her view, Shiro needed the fashion upgrade. Shiro sighs; no use in arguing with an apparent fashionista.

Either way, Shiro looks to her hand to her turned on communicator. Well, she did have something to say anyway...but for those who aren't being privately called, the feed turns off for now.

She's going to be going in a very specific direction to the city's resident raid palace superstore. Besides Swanna, everyone else is out and following along to do their own thing for the time being...]

Private to YosukeCollapse )

2nd Rose // Tamaki Suoh // Video
Why yes. I am wonderful
[ Don't mind Tamaki, he's just setting up the communicator which falls at first but he finally gets it set up right and offers everyone a smile. ]

Hello everyone of Ink City! I am Tamaki Suoh and over the past few weeks I have been waiting to wake up from this strange dream. [ His hand holds his chin in deep thought. ] So far, I haven't shown any signs of waking up. So! I've decided to make the very most of the situation.

[ He steps aside to show a long table in an elegant shimmering dining room covered with all sorts of dishes. From here, it's a little hard to see what's in them, but he's clearly prepared a feast. The dining room looks like something from a castle, actually. A large pink crystal chandelier hangs over the whole thing, sparkling brilliantly. Between the white dishes are vases full of roses and soft music plays in the background. ]

I am welcoming everyone into my mansion for a feast! Human or not, I would be honored to have you accompany me for a meal you won't soon forget. I wish to meet everyone here in my new home. If you can't make it, just let me know and I could make you a take out bag and bring it to you!

I look forward to seeing you!

[ I hope you like mushrooms, guys. That's what all the dishes are made from. His weeks of emo-cornering has resulted in a mountain of them and well, Tamaki's never cooked a meal in his life so there's no promises of any of the dishes looking or tasting good. It's the thought that counts, right? He clearly seems confident in his abilities. ]

[ ooc: I'm going to be catching up on his old threads as well. Feel free to continue or drop them. ]

First Scroll [Action/Video]
[A giant glob rocks the foundations of the Ink Well- No not this time, jk guys. It appears the Well has been quite busy as of late, as no sooner than a day or two had passed before it began to bubble with activity again. A glob of ink about the size of a beach ball had spurted forth from one of the many mouths of the fountains, dropping with a soft 'plop' before peeling away from the small figure it held inside.]

[A dragon, it appeared to be. Wingless and rather short-limbed. Still very much a child, laying on it's stomach.]

Ugh, what hit me..?

[Spike stumbled to his feet, clearly disoriented and confused.]

..This doesn't look like Ponyville.

[A bit nervous, he reached for the tiny box that had been sitting in the pool of ink. It flickered back and forth - He'd never seen anything like this in his entire life. Unknowingly to him, it was recording live as he stared anxiously at the thing and attempted to rationalize the situation out loud.]

Okay, there's an explanation for this. Probably some magical experiment gone wrong! Yeah, I'm sure Twilight will pop me back in no time. I'm not stuck out here in some sort of frozen trap of despair, right? 

[He shivers a bit as he stands in the snow. Well, what now?]

1st Planet Explored

The ink bubbles and foams, the sides straining under the effort of allowing whatever the hell is on the other side to pass. Ink slopping over the sides, it's only with a great deal of effort that at last, an arm manages to break the surface, desperately grabbing at the side of the well. It is shortly followed in turn by another hand, both of them... absolutely massive, the ink running off to reveal white painted digits.

Pulling with all his might, at last his head breaks the surface, spitting out ink and shaking his head to try and clear his audio of the stuff. And he wasn't even halfway out yet... Oh no. Still struggling to get out, it was an odd cross between unsettling and... perhaps half way humorous, the 'bot attempting to reconcile his size with the rest of the well. He finally managed to negotiate his wings out, the tips flicking and spattering more ink... Just a little more and-

WHUNK! Oof... Just give him a moment, now that he's out... He's just going to lay here for a moment and try to even out his ventilation because oh sweet Primus that was hard. Just sitting up puts him at the same height, if not significantly taller than the rest of the surrounding buildings, and the massive giant of an autobot takes a moment to look around in curiosity and confusion, not bothering to speak quite yet.

... A keen eye might notice ice clinging to the hulking jet, his flexing fingers causing chunks of it to break away from his joints and his wings slick with frost and a thin sheet of ice. He... had a bit of a rough time before this, it seems.]

✬ || Human - Oh okay...
[Wait, what? Teddie? Didn't we just deal with his shenanigans sometime earlier? What kind of nonsense could he possibly get into so soon--Oh wait.

Sad bear is sad.

Teddie appears on the communicator, but instead of his usual goofiness, he looks down right depressed. He's been pretty upset lately, it started around the beginning of the holiday season, but it's finally showing light now that he feels he let Crmsn down. I mean, he didn't, he did the best he could, but hell if he'll accept that. No, instead what he deemed a failure made him realize something: he doesn't know a lot of things. The biggest being he still doesn't know who the heck he is.

For some reason, he just can't shake the idea that he's supposed to know this by now. How? Who knows. But it pounds in his head and he can't get rid of it anymore.

Maybe it's time to ask for help.]

Soooo, let's say you kinda forgot who you were. W-What would you do to make you remember again? ...Cause nothing I do seems to be working.

[In his lap is the king's crown he so proudly used to wear before. It just reminded him of what 'Santa' told him: he's whoever he wants to be. For some reason that answer just wasn't doing it for him anymore, it wasn't satisfying.]

2nd Blurr // [Action]
[Okay, enough fooling around, Blurr. You're an agent of the Autobot Elite Guard, and you have important information that you have to get home ASAP. And if there was a sky, that meant there was space. And where there was space, there were galaxies, etc, until you got to Cybertron.  And right now, Cybertron was in danger from a certain double agent.  The thought of possibly failing when his planet needed him most scared the sparks out of him, and even more so with Longarm Prime.  Any minute now the Decepticons could be launching an attack!  So you know what? He's going to do something about it.

You can find him among the city, although you may just see him as a (not to be ironic) blur.  He's been running back and forth throughout the city, attempting to get some sort of springboard to shoot him up into the air. So far, he's used the well, trees, buildings, and the park benches.  Nothing was really giving him much momentum to get high enough into the sky.  But he wouldn't stop as long as his spark still beat with Energon. There had to be something he could do...oh if only he could fly.

He decides to skid to a stop, trying to regain his breath, panting heavily. If you want to find out anything, now's your chance.]

7th recording // Cave Johnson // Video
[Cave appears on screen, looking more annoyed than anything else.]

Uh, this thing on? Hello? Everyone out there, if you've seen my assistant recently, I'd like you to contact me. I haven't seen her for the past several days, and only just considered the possibility she could be missing.

[As opposed to what Cave, catching up on her reading?]

If you see her, tell her to bring back lunch. I am hungry, and I think my stomache is threatening to consume my muscle mass because of it. This blue pudding she left me is awful.

I'm not angry that she left her position. For several days. With no prior warning. Just annoyed. Very, very annoyed. She still has a job, for now.

[Cave snaps out of his small rant, remembering he is broadcasting to a live audiance.]

Look, just tell me if you've seen her, okay?

The Seventh Scale - [Audio]
Saft - Dragons can wibble too
[Someone's not feeling too great about things, After her little conversation with Cave and her confrontation with Him, She feels absolutley rotten, She's not entirely sure if she just feels lonely or just jealous of some of her friends around here and she's not entirely sure how to address it. So for now perhaps talking might help? Perhaps but maybe not. If she does it means telling her friends here more about herself.]

H-Hey guys...?

I wanna ask you something, Okay it might actually apply more to those who actually have relatives here or back home.

But, What makes a family to you?

[Wow awkwardly worded question is awkward.]


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